Monday, December 30, 2013

Where The Evil Dwells

Another attempt at poetry, since I don't see much these days. I guess there aren't many things I can write about now, since most of you fucks can't seem to take a joke anymore. But that never stopped me. 

What I am trying to say is, I felt like writing, so I wrote. Before I begin, I shall put in a picture of something spooky to set the mood. Here you go.


Ghosts and ghouls and spirits galore
What goes on here by the washing well
Rotting and moaning the undead explore
In the graveyard, where the evil dwells

Murderers, rapists and molesters galore
All of them inside their sordid cells
Society’s scum which they openly abhor
In the prisons where the evil dwells

Killers, butchers and sadists galore
Murdering millions chiming war bells
Bathing in ecstasy of blood and gore
Genocide grounds where the evil dwells

Briefcases, ties and suits galore
Working to make paradise into hell
The minds of the masses do they implore
Politics, where the evil dwells