Thursday, November 14, 2013

V for Veranda

So yeah, our country recently had a Victory Day.

The day when terrorists came to our land, spilled the blood of our brothers on our soil. We commemorate their sacrifice to our country on November 3rd of every year. Because their patriotism deserves remembrance.

Now this is what I have a problem with. All of the motherfuckers who think they are above this whole thing with the "remembering the sacrifices of the martyrs because they gave their lives to protect this country and thus protecting you" thing.

Here's the main points these dick eating muppets take against Victory Day.

1. Maumoon was the president back then and they won't support anything Mau was a part of.

2. We were only saved because the Indian Army came and helped us.


Number one; I don't fucking care about Maumoon. Maumoon didn't go out and die that day. I don't care about Anni, Gasim or Yaamin either. All of them can have sex with each other for all I care. We aren't celebrating the bravery of The Mau on November 3rd. Get your facts straight. Have some fucking respect for those who were brave enough to fight for you, you little ingrate.

Number two; (snicker) I am well aware that the Indian Army came and saved our asses. I am forever grateful to the India for it. That doesn't change the fact the people died for you.

You know what, fuck you all.

And this is not the cherry on top. Most of these vomit coated tutu wearing nipple twisters 'celebrate' the 5th of November. Because, you know, V for Vendetta. They post the little poem thingie from the movie like a mantra. For those of you know didn't know, here it is:

Remember, remember the 5th of November
The gunpowder treason and plot
I know of no reason the gunpowder treason
Should ever be forgot

These people seriously think they know something about anarchy because they watched a movie. You think the Guy Fawkes masks you are so keen on wearing are made from anti establishment anarchists hell bent on helping you "fight the power"? They are made from sweat shop workers, working their fingers to the bone for pocket change. You're as much part of the established order as the people running it, assholes.

Here's an alternate poem for you;

Remember remember the 3rd of November
When Maldivian patriots were shot
All of you people who claim to be patriots
Are just bile covered rectum maggots

And have a good dose of fuck you.