Monday, October 04, 2010

Dear Mode

I recently came across something very disturbing. It’s an article about an article written about an article in Time Magazine. On the cover of this particular Time Magazine, there is this beautiful girl. She has raven black hair, with the tiniest hint of a brown streak. Her eyes have a penetrating look, like she is stabbing you with her gaze through the lens of the camera. But there’s something missing from her face.

Oh, that’s right… she doesn’t have a nose. She doesn’t have a fucking nose. Why, you ask? Because this young woman ran away from an abusive husband and in-laws.

In comes this fucker Ibrahim Mohamed, who starts to criticize the frikking Time Magazine article because the journalist didn’t present the husband’s and Taliban’s side of the story?

Here’s my two cents.

Hey, Ibrahim Mohamed! I’m sure you are a very smart person, judging by the quality of your English. I’m sure you’ll understand what I am trying to relay here. But I’m going to try and be as simple as possible, though.

Go fuck yourself, Ibrahim Mohamed.

I’m guessing a mutilated nose or ear is of no big deal to you. But somehow I’m getting the feeling you wouldn’t like it either if someone cut something of yours out, other than, maybe a chunk of cancer. But a nose, ear, eye, finger or penis… I am guessing not. You want two sides to the story? Here’s your two sides. An eighteen year old girl got her face cut out and the Taliban motherfuckers got a pair of ears and a nose to that human potato head they are making. Oh, there’s another side to this, you fucking opportunist fuckwit, a girl has her life ruined. She will never live happily ever after.

And you have the audacity to turn the funding for her reconstructive surgery into some kind of anti west propaganda? Fuck that noise, Mode. Can I call you Mode? Of course I can. It’s my blog, after all.

People like you are like a cancer, Mode. Not a cancer of the body or a cancer of the mind. You are a cancer on the entire world. Call Guinness the collective bunch of your hypocrites club can claim to be the biggest cancer ever.

I realize I’ve been referencing cancer too much. So I will call you other names now.

You claim that the image of the girl with the noseless face will create hatred for the Taliban, you incomprehensible moron? They are already the most hated people in the fucking world. They are the reason Muslims all over the world are having such a hard time living a normal life. Maybe it’s the senseless killing that the Taliban are into that make people hate them so much. Maybe is the endorsing of acts like beating women to death or throwing acid on their faces. I don’t know, I am just putting suggestions out there. I’m just saying that maybe people ALREADY hate the Taliban because they are responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people and the consecutive ruining of countless lives. I’m just saying.

So, Mode, for a smart guy, you sure have made some rather retarded observations. I have the sneaky suspicion that you might be one of those religiously hypocrite types.

I don’t like you. And I hope you encounter bad things. At least I know that we’ll meet in hell.

See you there, Mode.