Monday, May 18, 2009

A great revelation

I have noticed a great injustice. We have been deprived of something big. Something huge. Something colossal, even.

I’m not talking about the fuckers who cheated the vote. I’m not talking about the high prices of foods and services. I am most certainly not talking about the atrocity that is subjected to us in the form of TVM.

I am talking about something that needs to be in our culture. For the good of the entire community. I think I have found the source of all the hate that people have against Islamic extremists.

you know how Christians have their nuns and Catholics? Now, have you heard of sexy nuns and catholic school girls? You see what I'm getting at?

Words are insufficient... let me show you.

I have something for you to study...

yummy nun mummy

See what i mean? This is appealing. This is sexy. This can be enjoyed by all people of all races and religions.

The haabees have this...


So, haabees, you get the drift. if you guys want to take this heat off your back, get some of those big sheets of black cloth to show some skin. Maybe a nipple slip. Anything. Just sex them up.

We need more flesh. What do you expect when you cover up our Maldivian meat under that hideous garb?

Also, fuck haabees.