Sunday, May 20, 2012

Facebook Stupidity

I have come across a few... well, more than a few very pushy, judgy and pretentious status updates on facebook. Some of them were pretty harmless, like those chain mails I used to get that claims that I'd die if I didn't forward it to a specified amount of people, or the ones that claimed that I was an infidel and supported the rise of Satan and God would smite me where I sat if I didn't forward the mail.

These were different. Let me explain... or rather, let me show you a couple of these things.

Example one:

This is the kind of crap that is flying around today, and people, apparently, love the taste of shit. At least 21 'friends' of the person who posted this like it, that we know of. First off, this status update assumes you (the reader) are the worst person ever. Apparently you are a name calling douche/bitch. Just look at that. Go on. Read it. I'll wait. Done? Good.

Also, the sheer contradiction! At one point this retarded combination of words claims that you don't know these people whom you've been insulting, but the status knows you. It knows you are the combined reincarnation of Hitler and Stalin with a pinch of Jack the Ripper thrown in for good measure. Oh, and surprise surprise, if you don't share this, you're heartless. Colour me heartless. Also, go fuck yourself. Anyone who posted this shit is a fucking hypocrite of the worst kind. You are a barnacle stuck on the ship of stupidity.

It's a damn shame that these people are the ones most likely to breed in exponential numbers, consequently bringing in more stupidity into the world. A damn shame indeed.

Have you seen this? This was all over facebook not long ago. I saw this fucking thing this month. And needless to say, this pisses me off. I'd like to respond to this, by addressing anyone and everyone who posted this on their walls/timelines.

Dear everyone who posted this fucking status thingie on your facebook:

Who the fuck are you to ask me for a personal favor? I know some of you who posted this, and I know this is NOT personal for your family. And I'm guessing its the case for most you dumbasses. I've lost family and friends to cancer. I find this post utterly offensive. Posting this piece of shit status on your fucking facebook is an insult. NOT a sign of respect. You know why? Because all you assholes who think "oh, I'll just paste this on facebook and then I can say at least I did something for cancer patients" aren't really doing anything. This is less than the least you can do. This is spitting in the face of a person going through chemotherapy. This is you defecating the graves of people who lost long battles with cancer. 

And you have the nerve to look down on other people? What sort of an asshole are you? You assholes act all high and mighty because you copy pasted some stupid shit laced with puke on your facebook? Open your fucking eyes, you inconsiderate tape worm infested fuckball! The only thing that you accomplished by posting this is confirming that you are a self centered, inhuman, lazy waste of space. All of you should be rounded up and shot in the back of the head with shotguns so that your face explodes and spills on to the ground.

I don't know if people read this blog or not, but if anyone who posted these things are reading this, know that I don't like you. You will die a painful death and your kids will grow up to be junkies. Thank you.