Sunday, May 23, 2010

Don't be sad, mate!

So they say don’t be sad. I have seen the banners. You would too. But it seems that the Adhaalath won’t let us talk anymore. At least not in the way that we want to. And it happens that I have something to say on the subject first.

And being the law abiding citizen and the good sport that I am I have decided to join the spirit of thing and keep things less vulgar than usual. To do that, I removed the bad words or phrases and replaced it with a little explanation to give you, the readers, an idea of what it was.


The Adhaalath can go (violent act of fornication removed) for all I care. Stick a (long wooden object removed) up your (human rear end removed) sideways. Hear me? Sideways, you (reference to fornication removed) little (digestive juice producing organ removed)!

If you weren’t too busy (reference to fornication with oils removed) with animals in your spare time, you might have taken the time to notice that we are in the (reference to fornication removed) twenty first century you (animal fetish enthusiast reference removed)!

Now that I am nice and riled up…

What the fuck is the deal with this whole “don’t be sad” (male cow excrement removed)?

Never mind that children have their childhood stolen, their education stolen, even their (reference to incest with mothers removed) lives taken from them. But of course, there’s no need to be sad.

Never mind that creativity and art are being stamped out because you are too (fornication reference removed)(reference to level of intelligence removed). But of course, there’s no need to be sad.

We live in the (human feces expelling sphincter muscle removed) of the world already, without you (anal penetration removed) us and moving us back a few centuries and wasting all the effort taken to reach this level of development in the first place. But of course there’s no need to be (fornication reference removed) sad.

Wives are being beaten, abused and swapped at the whim of their so called husbands. Women’s rights being violated, women just being generally treated like (combination of urine and feces removed). But of course, there’s nothing to be sad about.

I, for one, am not sad.

That’s right. I am not sad one bit. The time for sadness has long since passed. Now it’s time for anger. And I am angry. You should be too.