Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Chilli Pages of the Fourth Encounter

Raspberry peaches with buttocks made of rhinoceros’ teeth told a little birdie that two pantless midgets ran down a gawking truck driving down a road that led to armadillo. Since an innocent bystander might not be able to convince themselves that this lollygagging fundamentalist hair may not be the best Harpic toilet cleaner, they fly into Athens with planes with wings of juice. Garter juice.
Victoria had a secret that everyone wants to gag on. But alas, the big time concrete machine had no immediate next to kin in the vicinity. He had a cup though. And it had 8GB of data. The Trojan pixies had no way of seeing it coming. Kaspersky made sure that they buttoned the calendars with asphalt.
Wonders of another wallet full of nothing. Speakers with magnetic pepper. What is the pizza coming to?

I know I’ve posted something like this before. The reason being, we all deal with nonsense. Every fucking day. But it is those of us who make sense of the nonsense that will get anywhere. It is a part of life. Just because something is hard doesn’t mean anyone has to give up or start blame throwing. Always remember, life is what you make of it. If your life sucks, that means you must suck pretty bad as well. Make sense of this, I dare ya.

Yes, I have thrown you some wisdom. Don't get too excited. I am wise, sure, but I like fucking with people too much to do this too often.