Sunday, July 31, 2011

For shame.

Recently, the Male' City Council discussed the "nuisance and bother" of expatriate workers who gather on Fridays to the Republic Square. Here is the article on Minivan News where you can read the details or whatnot.

Really, Male' City Council? Really? Nuisance? Bother? You know what else is a bother? You lot.

You are more than a bother. You are more than a fucking nuisance. You are a fucking joke, Male' City Council. Fuck you. In the worst possible way, fuck you all.

Who the fuck do you think you are? These are human beings, for crying out loud. They build your houses. They clean the houses they build. They fucking throw your trash. And you give them flak for going to the Republic Square once a week? Fuck that noise. Do they bother you assholes when they take all the abuse you give them? They live in shacks. Get paid minimum. They survive on scraps of food. They work harder than most Maldivians. You have the ass blasting audacity to call them a bother, you glorified collection of buttfucks?

One of the points against expatriate workers going there, is because they damage the grass? Really? You know what else damages the grass, you imp dicked retards? Get a few hundred protesters on it. Which you do on a regular basis, whichever party you hail from. Fuck this. You fuckwads make me ashamed to be called a Maldivian.

And I see you have a couple of movie stars on your group. They even did that job horrendously. What makes you think you can do a better job serving the people? You turd based life forms are a good for nothing over paid waste of air.

Also, apparently the expatriate workers are committing indecent acts in Sultan Park. You know who else commits these acts, in greater numbers? Maldivians. Fucking junkie motherfuckers and their cockbite girl counterparts. Why don't you address the nuisance and bother of fucking drug infused fucktards having a good orgy or two in the darkness, Mr. Big Shot Film Star?

Just go fuck yourselves. Obviously you would rather belittle and demean a hardworking group of people which YOU LOT brought into the country to do YOUR work than deal with real problems which are happening everyday.

These people get a free day, once a week. They hang once a week. That's not a bother. It's not even a nuisance.

Try and go after the junkies, wife beaters, child molesters, murderers, thieves, muggers, dealers and smugglers first, you clusterfuck of stupid shit for brains fucks.

Next time you are in your air conditioned offices having your personal secretary blow you, take a break from watching porn or cybersexing and look up the word empathy. It just might help you a little bit to understand how to do your fucking jobs which you are paid to do. By the people.