Friday, November 06, 2009

Who needs Shakespeare?

The blogosphere is full of poetry. some are good, while most of it is god-awful. I mean really lame and fucked up. Tonight, I wrote my own version of poetry.

How does a hypocrite get clothed and geared?
Maybe a turban and some kind of gross beard.
So much turned off is he by modern times,
He has no choice but to take underage concubines.
What is he to do when he is loathed and hated?
Except maybe get women demeaned and berated?
Why should he believe in hygiene or sanitary pads
When the world has much disease to be had?
One can but wonder how stupid he really is
Or his strong beliefs are really his
The barrages of self righteous teachings seem constant
Though preaching peace through violence seems redundant
He still persists, on and on, demeaning and defiling
Because free will and free speech to him, is most reviling
Maybe we should all get his kind a nice island somewhere
And maybe bury a few thousand claymore mines there
So that without him, the world will finally enjoy peace,
And let those who choose it, get on with their anal grease
Let the world be free of their pedophilia and lies
For they themselves, slowly march towards their demise.