Thursday, March 19, 2009

What the Amjay is this?

Its been a long time coming, but it had to happen. I have met with the world famous director known only in the Maldives, Amjay. As I approached him on the street, acting all curious with questions and shit… I couldn’t help but notice a dramatic decrease in weight in Amjay. Maybe not so dramatic compared to his movies, but still, pretty much so.

Me: Hey Amjay! What a pleasant surprise!

Amjay: Oh, who are you, and isnt there a law against being so strikingly handsome?

Me: No there isnt, and I don’t swing that way.

Amjay: Neither do I! I was just kidding of course *uncomfortable shift*

Me: Riiiiight…

Amjay: So, did you want something?

Me: Actually I wanted to ask you something.

Amjay: Sure… wait… what are you doing with a huge wrench?

Me: Oh, don’t mind that. Im just going to fuck your face up later on.

Amjay: *gasp* You are going to hit me in the face with that?

Me: is that what I said? I meant I have some plumbing work later… yeah… that’s is.

Amjay: ooookaaayyyy…

Me: So why the Decrease in weight? Bored of not being able to see your own penis without a mirror?

Amjay: Actually, I havent been able to sleep or eat well… I heard there was some blogger out to get me.

Me: Really?

Amjay: Really. I heard he’s skilled at torture and he’s merciless as well as charming and good in bed.

Me: Must be a real dangerous man, huh?

Amjay: No shit! Have you heard anything about this?

Me: Somewhat.

Amjay: I just wouldn’t know how to defend myself against such a strong and powerful man who relies on brute force and good looks.

Me: Enough about this handsome and manly blogger… why are all your movies crap?

Amjay: You know how when you were a kid you had such awesome ideas and you wanted to draw them out but you couldn’t, because you couldn’t draw?

Me: No, I could always draw.

Amjay: I never outgrew that phase. Only I am a fim maker and I cant direct worth a shit. Don’t tell anyone, though.

Me: Everyone knows.

Amjay: Darnit!... … hey… wait a minute…

Me: what?

Amjay: you are extremely good looking. Are YOU this blogger out to get me?

Me: Yes, I am.

Amjay: *starts running*

At this point, I proceeded to run after him. It was no problem to catch up, considering he is a fat git. And then I beat his face with the wrench I had, until it was fucked up. Needless to say, he cried like a girl. Until he died, that is.