Monday, May 18, 2009

A great revelation

I have noticed a great injustice. We have been deprived of something big. Something huge. Something colossal, even.

I’m not talking about the fuckers who cheated the vote. I’m not talking about the high prices of foods and services. I am most certainly not talking about the atrocity that is subjected to us in the form of TVM.

I am talking about something that needs to be in our culture. For the good of the entire community. I think I have found the source of all the hate that people have against Islamic extremists.

you know how Christians have their nuns and Catholics? Now, have you heard of sexy nuns and catholic school girls? You see what I'm getting at?

Words are insufficient... let me show you.

I have something for you to study...

yummy nun mummy

See what i mean? This is appealing. This is sexy. This can be enjoyed by all people of all races and religions.

The haabees have this...


So, haabees, you get the drift. if you guys want to take this heat off your back, get some of those big sheets of black cloth to show some skin. Maybe a nipple slip. Anything. Just sex them up.

We need more flesh. What do you expect when you cover up our Maldivian meat under that hideous garb?

Also, fuck haabees.


Ahmed Satellite said...

I think you're missing the point of what the Haabees are trying to do here, Iya, but I applaud you for trying.

Personally, I have nothing against most of the Haabee women out there being covered from head to toe in the black tents. Even under those big cloaks it is apparent that most of them are the size of several trucks. In fact, I prefer it that they are doing humanity a favour and hiding their big fat ungly selves from the rest of the population forever.

It's when hot nubile women start covering themselves up for no reason other than coz their parents brainwashed them that gets my blood boiling.

Ahmed Satellite said...

Also, I should practice typing the word 'ugly' a few more times till I get it right.

The Dark One said...

you seem to forget that these hot girls still wear burugas and are STILL HOT, because they are tight skinned clothes as well they are fcking lingeries over there undergarments???? weird, but nevertheless still arouses me

knaschru said...

nice way to put it out there iya. hehe.

Anonymous said...

i will blow you a hundred times if you get a beard and start rolling up your trousers to shin lenghth...go on, i dare you!!

AzMyst said...

It's not just the black tents that are the problem, u know. It's now rare to see a girl without a buruga covering their hair. But since they compensate by wearing really tight-fitting tops and jeans, I can't really complain about. But still, seeing a girl without her hair covered, rare as it is in Male' now, is really refreshing.

knaschru said...

hehe no wonder AzMyst.. kekeke

The Shadowrunner said...

The haabees intend to bastardize our race, by mammonizing and preventing natural human reproduction, and blaming it on my client, the Devil.

They must be exterminated, for the good of the world. They are an abomination, that must be extinguished. For the sake of the little girls, for the sake of the survival of our race. For the sake of all humanity.

Anonymous said...

lol@hitler wannabe

asemah said...

Ah you poor ignorant savages. I'd like to share a little something with you ppl. I must warn you this WILL change the way you see these ppl.

I was at the Villingili side of the ferry terminal. There were a couple of ppl in front of me including a ninja. She was trying to get aboard the ferry when suddenly a wave causes the boat to drift away. The womman trips and falls into the water, hee hee. Anyhow after a collaborative effort from everyone in attendance they haul her up and ... tee hee. She was completely and deliciously naked underneath. We're talking Yasmin Bleeth in skin clinging, hard nippled, lipsmaking wet black attire. Hands down one of the hottest things you wankers could ever hope to see. So throw a weather eye open next time you see one of em ;)

Iya said...

@ahmed satellite:: I hardly think that a suimple typo deserves a bart simpson type punishmenbt.


@the dark one:: we all know you are a huge perv, man.

@knashru:: i didnt take my penis out in public, if thats what you are asking.

@anonymous:: that depends on how hot you and your fun parts are. also, if you are a woman. then, maybe.

@azmyst:: we all wish for less buruga and more cleavage, brother.

@shadowrunner:: dude, the devil doesnt like people claiming to know him... also, we need more cleavage.

@anonymous:: lol @ anonymous coward.

@asemah:: we all heard stories or saw glimpses, man. what i am trying to say is, share the love (booty). why cover up gratuitous jugs and bodacious booty?

The Shadowrunner said...

It is a plot to ship our young men to fight in the never-ending wars that keep the mega-corps rich and happy. As well as diverting the little girls and future mothers of the nations into their harems.

For this blasphemy against the State, they will not go unharmed. Every one of them will know the true meaning of cruelty.

Anonymous said...

oh iyash you know how hot my fun parts lust after them all the time. and i promise on the truncated ugly beard of sheikh fareed that i will give you what i promised if you keep your part of the bargain