Sunday, April 01, 2012

Musically Confused

There is a foul stench in the air. There is a stale taste in the water, which is weird, because water is supposed to be tasteless. Speaking of tasteless, what the fuck is up with the popular music these days?

See what I did there? Please, hold the applause for now.

 I said hold the applause. Now.

I have had the fortune of being born in the 80’s. I was exposed to the popular music of the 80’s and grew to like music. When I reached the age of reason, I began to explore the different kinds of music out there. During my secondary school days I was obsessed with metal music, like many kids of my age.  It wasn’t until I finished school that I was plunged into the world of the sheer infinity of music.
Bands that made music great have long since passed us by. Leaving us in body, but will always be with us in spirit.  It’s heartwarming that some of the legends of music still walk this earth. I came to learn that music is universal. Music is the ultimate form of expression. 

It’s funny, I started this post with one thing in mind. Rant about the degradation of the quality in music within the popular culture. But as I wrote this down, I realized something. It is true what they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. 

It’s not my problem if “artists” today have to rely on gimmicks such as meat dresses to make their mark. It’s not my problem if some of today’s “songs” sound like a drunk robot is throwing up. It is certainly not my problem if people love talentless hacks based on their looks and choose to listen to their sexually confused lyrics. I don’t care anymore. 

 If you like this, you are pretty much beyond help.

There seems to be a balance though. There are some good bands and good talented artists rising up. It is up to the lovers of music to put them on the map. 

Before I end this confused post, though, I’d like to clarify a few things.

Boy bands aren’t bands. Bands play instruments.

House music is stupid, because no one who isn’t on X can enjoy that shit, which brings me to, if you need drugs to enjoy music, you don’t really enjoy music.

Just because someone is willing to show skin doesn’t make them talented. It makes them bad people.

Skillrex and deadmaufive (I refuse to say otherwise) are utter and total crap, which was dug up from a maggot infested corpse of a child molester, liquefied and poured into the ears of people.

 Take a note from this kid: Don't let people crap in your ears.


useful.idiot said...

Agreed! Even if beauty IS in the eye of the beholder, the crap of a music we're subjected to today is an abomination to all 5 senses.

pOmPi said...

I still listen to the old stuff even though most of em stopped/died/disbanded/etc.

although I listen to some deadmau5, which is rarely.

notsogood said...


that must be the most awful thing i've heard in ages!

asemah said...

Hee hee, tasteless. Nice. But then again can we really say fish is better than chicken or steak. Taste is relative. Especially taste in music is largely subject to what an individual can personally relate to.

Fuckit some "artists" make me wanna rip my gonads off and stuff them in my ears, but I'm not gonna go so far as to shit on what someone else might mistake for good music. Pity the poor sods instead. ^_^