Thursday, April 20, 2006

F.E.A.R. me!!!

dont mind the image... it was the first one i could find. i think its german...

before reading this, ask yourself this... "have i played FEAR?" if the answer is yes, read on. if the answer is no, ask yourself, "do i wanna play FEAR?" man, the answer to that is YES you wanna play FEAR. but if you dont want the experience spoiled, i stongly suggest you turn away now. please.
Well, i finished playing FEAR... it brought me so much joy, yet it left me in sorrow. i mean... it was almost what i expected it to be. almost. yes, it's scary. yes, its dark, yes, its bloody. and the guns.... yes, the guns were awsome. good times. but it felt like ... you know... short. but this is a weak argument over what pleasure FEAR was. BUT WHY SO SHORT? goddamn! just when Alma turned out to be a hot naked 18 year old dead psychotic! technically she is way older than that... but you dont age after you die, do you? yes. Alma. the new icon of scare. well, she is, isnt she? that girl had me screaming three thirty in the morning in my boxers as i played in the darkness on my room. well... i still wanna play it through, coz its so damn good. but the physics aren't as good as half life 2. but still a shotgun blast to the leg of an enemy soldier can produce some fun stuff to watch.
now, let me get back to the darkness... to the blood... to Alma.

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