Monday, April 24, 2006

its kain! ... 's symbol...

Do any of you know what that is? its a tattoo... a wicked tattoo. you might say "oh, i've seen better ones than that" and you would be correct. but the significant thing about this particular tattoo is, that its from my favorite game series of all time: Legacy of Kain.
this tattoo represents the symbol of the vampire tyrant, Kain. the reason im going on about this tattoo is because im jealous. im jealous that this guy has that on his arm and i dont. im angry that i cant have one... ever. tattoos, i mean.
the owner of that arm is Ben Lincoln. a legacy of kain enthusiast. just like me, he was obsessed with legacy of kain. so much, that he dedicated a site to it, researching the deleted material and ... stuff... see for yourself. his site is very cool and contains a lot of info about all the kain games.
now, back to the tattoo. well, the fact that i cant have a tattoo still stands, but if i had one, i'd have the Kain symbol on my back. the whole back.

in your face!


Inash said...

What is the fact that you can't have a tattoo?

Nynaeve Al' Meara said...

It's not impossible to have a could always have a temporary ink one:)...I know it would fade but you could bask in your own glory even for a fragment of time:)