Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The coffee to end all coffees

Well, im about to tell you all a story. a story thats never been told... if it has, then... ..... ......
Aawwww WTF, i dont care. im gonna tell it anyway.
Okay. i was invited to this coffee which was held at the infamous "lilly's" a bunch of friends from a certain forum which died a while ago were gathering there. i went... late. anyway, by then anyone who were to arrive had arrived. and we chatted of nothings and sweet was cut (foni kendun)
*to any non Maldivian reading this, it means butting heads of egos.
So there was this guy, a good buddy of mine. he plays a certain musical instrument for a certain group of people. well, we all smoke. and this particular friend of mine finishes half his coffee, uses his cup as an ashtray... and puts out his smoke ito it. a while later, in the middle of some discussion, he drinks his coffee. yes. thats the cup you see there. he actually drinks his cigerette filter and ash flavoured coffee. Restecp... i mean... respect.
it was the most fun coffee I had in a looooong time. the guy almost threw up right there... almost. it takes a lot of guts to drink that, even if it was by mistake. it takes even more guts to laugh with the rest of the crowd who are laughing at you. Kudos to my friend the musical instrument player.
you might notice i didnt name ANYTHING. ... except for the cafe'. but hey, who doesnt know that place, right?

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Nynaeve Al' Meara said...

I would have definitely puked my intestines out if I was there to witness the horrific disgusting...blech..