Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The story of the Devil and Grim Reaper

Let me explain something to you all. This is for your own benefit. The devil is a woman. as you can clearly see from this picture. She is third from the left. The devil is a woman, and she is HOT! And also, you know who else is a woman? The Grim Reaper. Grim is also a HOT, apparently short woman... to the far right of the picture.
So, this is my logic... Let the devil take you. She's hot. Let her advise you in all things lusty. And make sure you keep a killer pick up line for the day you die. A hottie is comming to take you away.


Velvette Storme said...

I'm one of the choreographers of that show...

I have their numbers :P

Nynaeve Al' Meara said...

What a foresight you have...amazing:)