Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Me and two of my friends just went to Sultan Park coz we were so bored (god, we're pathetic) And we walked around, remembering how the place looked so big when we were kids. And out of the blue... inspiration struck. VOILA! I give you the ANAL Museum. (For all the mentally challenged: its actually "National Museum")

Think of an actual Anal Museum... What kind of things would they have on display? EWWWW! I disgust myself! EWWWW!!!

Kudos to kirey and umarey for inviting me over to hang out with them that day. And whoever came up with the Anal Museum idea.


Bandey said...


i remeber kirey showing me more pics.. dude put those on aswell!!!

Zoe said...

Disgusting! Anal musuem? *bleh!*