Friday, March 23, 2007

I REFUSE to believe!

meet Ichigo and Kakashi... both very famous anime characters. ... hey... wait... Kakashi! what the hell are u DOING?? NO!! thats not right! thats not even remotely right!! Ichigo seems to like it!!! damn!! this cant be happening.. NNNNNNNOOOOOOOO!!! RUINED!!!


bulhaa said...

[smacks u around with a dead fish]
how could you... *sob*

vincinity of obscenity said...

i was bored... sue me.

bulhaa said...

*sues you for a mars ice cream bar*

bandey said...

when you said a special joint collaboration work by ichigo and kakashi... damn you asswipe
i hope you get a loving and caring boyfriend witha a huige penis

Anonymous said...

You just ruined 72 consecutive hours anime heaven for me.
I hereby declare you guilty for crimes against sanity, Your punishment. . . "To be boiled in baby oil"

vincinity of obscenity said...

PEOPLE CALM DOWN!!! i love those guys as much as u do, but i guess they love each other even more!!