Monday, March 19, 2007

Power of caffeine!!

Okay… I’ll get this out in the open. I love coffee. I think it is, in fact, the most ingenious thing to hit earth since… you know… women. Yes, I like them too. Not as much as coffee, though. Because, lets face it, coffee doesn’t talk back, and it’s not as needy as women are. I am not in anyway generalizing on women here. I think all you women are wonderful creatures. So, back to coffee…
These days its become somewhat of a trend to “go to a coffee”. Sure, I like coffee as much as the next guy. During my daily coffee at a certain café, I have observed and interacted with all types of people. And I wish to convey to you, my readers, willing or unwilling… my findings… observations and deductions, if you will. Below are the most common types of coffee’s I have observed.

The business power coffee
This type of coffee is mostly attended by older people, although young up-and-comers are known to make an appearance. The usual banter revolves around business deals and joint ventures with fellow coffee buddies. I have, unfortunately, sat through one or two of these. And as expected, unless you have a keen interest for solid business, you might want to stay away. Its boring. Believe me.

The would-be business power coffee
This is a very common type of coffee. Usually attended by aspiring businessmen. Or in some cases, one aspiring businessman, with young minds he can mold. The usual banter would usually be about unusual or unconventional, but rarely creative forms of new businesses, that would seldom come to be. Deals would be made that wouldn’t go through. Promises will be made that will never be kept. Most of the times the attendees would know that this is so, but go anyway just to voice their dreams. Vaguely of any interest to me, although I get invited to these kinds of coffees a lot.

The music band coffee
Again, this is very common. A band, after a hard jamming session would all go and have a coffee to elaborate more on their skills and criticize each other. Sometimes the criticisms are actually constructive! No, really, it’s true! I have experienced this kind very often. Don’t get me wrong, I love music. Music is a part of me. But after a good jamming, I’d rather just hang out and “chill”. As much as I love coffee AND music, I really think too much of anything is not great.

The hanging out coffee
The most common kind of coffee in the Maldives today. This is my preferred medium to enjoy my coffee. Although there are people around the coffee table, there’s no talk of anything even remotely important. Stress free. These kinds of coffee’s are usually accompanied with lots and lots of cigarettes. And I mean millions. Any non smoker would die of passive smoking immediately, like a cockroach which has been sprayed with “sheltox”. So I wouldn’t recommend a non smoker to attend, unless it is one of those rare cases when none of the people at the table smoke. Good luck with that.

I have to say that I am a fan of the hanging out coffee. After a hard day of work, there’s nothing like a cup of steaming hot coffee, and a few smokes with a couple of friends. Coffee is a force to be reckoned with. Forget the old Hindi movies which say that love is the most powerful thing that binds us. I say its caffeine. I say it’s the bitter sweet taste of a coffee that sets us free.


dreamxcape said...

through ur coffee... we shall renew the world!

Shy said...

About time u updated..hehe its a great piece uno..but very chauvenistic view..and u 4got to mention the ppl that go to coffee but neva actually drink coffee they just drink say hot choc with whip cream or vanila ice cream or say tea wen their depressed..hmm i wonder who does that?? hehe

vincinity of obscenity said...

Im talking abt when ppl actually drink coffee... saabas! thats y its abt coffee. otherwise it would hav been abt hot chocolate or tea. but its not. its abt coffee. sheeeeesh.. ... do i hav to spoonfeed EVERYTHING to u???

bandey said...

i think its time to rethink coffee...

coffee for the common man!!

bulhaa said... disgusting vile stuff.. calm down iya .. plan on sayin something goes

yay! coffees exposed! now what id really love to know is what u guys talk about during those chillin hangin out coffees.. coz rumour has it that men gossip more than women.. at coffees! [the horror!]

Nynaeve Al' Meara said...

Hope you and caffeine live happily ever after:)

vincinity of obscenity said...

me too! if coffee was a chick, i'd marry her!