Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Possible hiatus...

As I may not be updating as much as I used to in the next few … erm… ok, I know I don’t update THAT often, but as I may update even LESS in the near future due to constraints… mostly time constraints ‘coz of a few projects I’ve been working on, this is me letting you guys know. By you guys I mean you guys who read my blog regularly, bored people looking through blogs, or anyone who clicks a link and find themselves here.


I will post if and when I come up with something interesting. You see, this, being my blog, is an outlet for my thoughts. But I feel that you, the reader, deserve to read my thoughts in the most interesting way possible. Which I why you don’t see a lot of in-your-face bitching here. I try to be “creative”. And I sometimes succeed. Or so I’d like to think.


Reminds me about something that has been hovering in my head for a couple of days.

People will do what they can to avoid a confrontation.

Yes. This is true. Most people don’t like confrontations. They even convinced themselves that its “not polite” to confront. You see, if I have a problem with a person, I say it to his/her face. It’s the better way. Better to let the person know what you are feeling than to go around his/her back bitching to OTHER people. This cant be healthy. I will go as far as to say “keeping stuff bottled in is INJURIOUS to health”. If anger management taught me anything, its that explosive anger is waaayyy healthier than implosive anger. The latter has the risk of you breaking and actually killing someone. Or vice versa.

I know this is a cheap post, not normal legacyofpain shit. But it has to be said. I feel much better. Thanx for listening… or reading… whatever.

Adios for now… rock on.


maanasih said...

Blog on Iya

bulhaa said...

and the crowd cried "NEHYYYY! dont stop iya! dont go! dont leave us!"

going neurotic.
too much cramming.

but seriously.
dont stop.

The Dark One said...

omg HIATUS IYA ARRGHHHHHHH how will i ever survive this bad news :S