Monday, February 04, 2008

Its been two years!

Two years Have passed sinceI posted my first post. Its been quite a ride.

as a special treat, I thought I’d put a transcript of an interview of me by the famous Dhivehi star, Seezan.

Seezan: congradulations on your two years of blogging, Iya!
Me: thanks, man.
Seezan: how do you feel?
Me: I feel like breaking your face if you don’t stop grinning.
Seezan: sorry…. *ahem* so is there anyone you wanna thank? I mean.. two years is a long time.
Me: thalagolaa got me started here. Bandey stuck by me through the years. And my friends who supported me. And all the people who were bored enough to read my blog, and the people who got offended. They are my fuel.
Seezan: do you like my movies?
Me: no. I despise them. I think you should rot in a pit somewhere. After I killed you.
Me: yea. I’d mail your face to the cops. Then I’d laugh.
Seezan: so you hate me?
Me: yes. Very much so. And your fellow Dhivehi “stars”, “directors” and anyone to do anything with your “industry”.
Seezan: I didn’t know… but we do hard work, you know…
Me: don’t give me that shit, you little cockbite! You fucking assfaced morons do NOTHING! Crying onscreen is SO hard work for you pussies? Fuck you! And you have the nerve to whine about it! *slaps Seezan*
Seezan: *starts crying*
Me: shut the fuck up!!
Seezan: sorry! Please don’t hit me again! *sniff* Any thing you want to say to our fellow readers?
Me: yea… I hate little poem-ey, lovey dovey, fucking happy-go-lucky blogs. Kiss my black non existent ass. I hate people who get offended too easily. I hate people people who get political over little things.
Seezan: you seem to hate a lot of people…
Me: I also hate the fucking dots.
Seezan: dots?
Me: wahhaabee’s. I hate wahhaabee’s. a fucking bunch of assholes and hypocrites. Fuck them. If any wahhaabee’s are reading this, fuck you.
Seezan: please can you not use the “f” word too much?
Me: *shoots Seezan in the face* fag!

I warned him… stupid moron.


maail said...

two years eh...great accomplishment... and i see that you crave attention although you don't admit it... ;p

and your posts are pretty's not every day you see someone insulting people all the time..your a breath of fresh air on this god forsaken lovey-dovey poemyy and quote//fucking happy-go-lucky blogs// here's to two more years of insults and shooting maldivian so called about having ali rameez interview next time? ;)..cheers..

Ameer said...


Would you mind removing the word verification on the comments?

I-kko said...

congrats dude :P
so how hot was this seezan actually.. jst kiddin man keke.. funny post though!

E said...

mmmm. not as funny as the other posts. but ok dho. 2 years dho. gud gud. keep it up.

seezan said...

i'm telling mommy

Iya said...

@maail:: nah, i dont like attention, but i cant help it if ppl are infatuated with me... :p and i dont know abt ali rameez. i might kill him upon sight.

@ameer:: i do mind. it stays.

@i-kko:: umm... okay.

@e:: im gonna keep it up till i get bored or something.

@seezan:: ur not the real seezan, coz he's dead.

nynaeve said...

new movie release " dead seezan walkin" starrin a seezan (literally and blogically dead)

for children only:D adults wont be able to handle the pressure of the gruesome scenes.

Iya, youre a star:)

The Shadowrunner said...

Gah!. Why didnt you tell me you were going to pot-down Ali Rameez?!. I could've provided you with some "very special" tools designed to turn a human into 20 plates of sushi!.

schmartypants said...

thank u for killing seezan.. dhuniyavee balaa akun salaa mai veemi

The Dark One said...

seezan is a fag ... all divehi film stars are fags.. can't they ever make a more realistic movie.. guns, drugs, sex and heavy metal music baby yeah.. not hindi movie wannabes.. we dont even have our own style of film making.. cheap tricks of plagiarism.. a poor effort as that.

shaari said...

is there anyway the real seezan can read this post? i'm sure he's gonna love it!

callι ριxєlғcuкєя said...

seezan and michael jackson should really hook up. would make an awesome couple.
nice post