Monday, January 28, 2008


Dear, all the women in the world.

I just want to say a few things and get it off my chest. This MAY be a sensitive issue, but I’m willing to risk it. It needs to be said. So here goes… all the women in the world…

Fuck you all and your double standards.

When guys hang around at coffees and stuff, it’s a waste of time and money. But when women sit around bitching around something, or shop for useless stuff that they won’t use, its not? In what fucked up dimension is that rational? Fuck you.

Women like being given massages, having their hair played with. What about us? Don’t we do enough for you already, bitch?

What is it with you women and classifying two close friends as gay? What the fuck? When you hold hands and giggle, it’s normal, but when a guy gets a call from another guy when he’s with his girl, it’s a gay relationship? Grow the fuck up.

No, we don’t like picking up your fucking tab. Pay your own fucking bill.

Pretend all you want. We KNOW you are just as horny as us. Acting all innocent and goody goody is just condescending and hypocritical. You may look like a goody two shoes on the outside, but we know you are a skank on the inside.

Whores, the whole lot of you. Not that I have a problem with whores or sluts. But you fucking cockbites try to play out a mother fucking drama and drag it out to the point of frustration.

We wouldn’t cheat if you weren’t a cock block. We wouldn’t cheat if you didn’t put the idea in our heads the first place.

Men and women are different. Trying to put those differences on the table by “talking” just makes us realize we can do better than you.

And lastly, fuck you.

God, that felt great. Thank you all for listening. Well… technically its reading. Anyways, I had fun. Hope you did too. Until later, bye.


Anonymous said...

i assume ur as tormented as ever with the "difference" eh!?..anyhu, its great to knw that us men r waaaayyyy better than em women! ;),..i mean, c'mon serisoly, arent they juss desperate or WHATT!! :D *praised n feeln sorry for ya*

thuized said...

my deepest sympathy to who ever ends up with u ( guessin its a "woman" we're talkin abt)

Persephone said...

are u gay?
or bi?
or perhaps u havnt discovered your true sexuality yet?

just curious u know.. to me, it seems that ur mind is high on homosexuality these days.

Regarding the post, it was entertaining.
Pathetic frustration at its very best.

aesha said...

i think you need to get laid pretty soon!!!

Iya said...

@anonymous:: dude, im not tormented and if ur gonna feel sorry for me, then fuck off.

@thuized:: yes, i like women. i just dont like the hypocrisy.

@Persephone:: im not gay.. u should know... u have the first lady position in case of my presidency!

@aesha:: i get regular lovin'from my gal, thanx.

Munaz said...

:) Just my thots. Perhaps I could be VP when u run a country?

ZiNgMeNoT said...

dude we all know wot they are. teasing bitching whoring. as clear as the blue sky above us we know that they are being just women. so behave as if u dont know so that the species "women" survive as i am aware the attraction that they started to give is getting lame and too common we see it every day now.

BTW we are getting bored with it so to all u women bring something new so that we can chalenge it with our Cocks...


Anonymous said...

Gee... interesting... But I have a problem!!!
We put the idea of cheating in your head? The fuck!!! No we didn't!!! Men and women cheat! Equally! It's not "us" who gave you the "idea" in the first place to begin with. Duh!!! It's just human nature to cheat and lie and do all sorta shit.
Other than that, sweet post. :P

nynaeve said...

hai faive to shaf:)

the world and probably the universe went off your shoulders with post i assume:)
Good thing you mentioned the points, now gals can play with there bf's hair once in that sounds...hehehehe

Goodly post:)

The Shadowrunner said...

Bitchy Women, or "thagari anhanun".

They got me fired from my job for standing up to them. Them islander bitches "rashutheree thagarin" (sorry for the racist comment all you non-thagari island girls) think they can mess with a psychopath born and raised in the alleys of Hell (Mal'e) and escape alive?.

Iya said...

@munaz:: sorry, the VP is filled. theres an opening at the proffessional whoring industry, i believe.. hehehe....

@zing:: dude, u never make sense... what the fuck, man?

@shaf:: down, girl! seems like u had some bad experience with cheating.. i'd like to explore that someday.

@nynaeve:: hair playing is good. goes hand in hand with role playing.

@shadowrunner:: thagari means lesbo, dude, and its sexist, NOT racist. u need to vent your anger somehow. andy by the way, psychopaths dont claim to be psychopaths. thats just lame.

callι ριxєlғucкєя said...

not all women...some of them.

Anonymous said...

somebody desperately wants to come out of the closet..:D
now dat i think abt dat y u got so much anger bottled up inside u and is directing them towards us..women, hu just cant stir ur cock up? oh gee shoo friggin sad we are.