Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Formation Dismantled

It’s a well known fact that girls tend to travel in packs. Makes it all the more harder for us hunters to separate one from the pack. There are different formations in which a pack would choose to travel in. let me elaborate on one of these formations.

The trio formation

As implicated in the formation title, this consists of three girls. A fat girl, a HOT girl, and an okay looking girl. For discussion sake, let us name these three girls.

Fat girl: Cindy

HOT girl: Sandy

Okay girl: Mindy

Cindy is a fat, unappreciated chick. She sees how the hot girls have it easy. She sees how the hot girl is so popular. She longs for a guy to “fall in love” with her. She hopes that as long as she keeps hanging out with Sandy, somebody will take notice of her. Hoping some of Sandy’s hotness will rub off on her. Girls like Cindy often pound their faces with make up and wear “fashionable” clothes. It just looks pathetic and mind numbingly horrible. Cindy is delusional. Cindy isn’t hot. Cindy is a sad case. Poor Cindy.

Sandy is a hot girl. She always gets what she wants. Guys ogle over her. She is a popular gal, probably bitchy and whiny. But her friends overlook that so then they get to hang out with her pompous, perfectly tuned ass. Girls like sandy are materialistic. Extremely so. She has a crappy personality. Actually the only thing working for her is that she is hot. Picture a beautiful beeeaaautiful Ferrari. Now picture it covered in excrement. That’s Sandy. Sandy isn’t a very good person. Sandy is a bitch. Sandy thinks material is everything. Poor Sandy.

Mindy spent most of her time living under Sandy’s shadow. She’s the OK looking girl that people barely notice. Of course, people at least NOTICE Cindy, because she’s a fat ass. But they don’t notice Mindy. Mindy wants to be noticed just like Sandy. But she cant. So she compensates by sleeping around. At least then the guys will know she’s alive, but alas, she’s labeled a skank. Lets face it, she is one. Mindy is looking for the wrong thing in the wrong place. Mindy is Paranoid and delusional. Mindy has no self esteem. Poor Mindy…


The Dark One said...

a very national geographic feel to your blog post.. keep it up matey. i wanna know all the other formations.

Cute Kat Princez said...

dd u really think dats how it goes??..:S..boi u guys have tha wierdest imaginations...so does that formaytion work on all the gurls hu are goody two shoes...lmao :P

Velvette Storme said...

What about the girls who don't form a... formation? :S

Iya said...

@ the dark one:: and you shall know them, my friend... all in good time.

@ CKP:: denial and offense... im guessing ur a Mindy.

Iya said...

@ velvette:: most gals do. this is a generalisation. i take it u dont have formation forming buddies?

I-kko said...

i dont have a formation. =/ i always walk alone.. always... if i walk with sumone its like once a week or thrice a month.
nice description though

shabaa said...

i have to agree with iya on this one. he's got it right though in my opinion the hot one sleeps around more than Mindy. i feel Mindy is the one who tries to be all nice and caring and religeous whatsoever. the one who listens to the other two whine and try to find solutions to them. the one stuck in the middle.

Thom said...

Actually Shabaa I think mindy might be the one who pretends to be all good and religious hoping atleast she looks like she's more wife material than the hot one. :P
I agree with ya Iya, although I don't think that all hot girls are bitchy or all chubby chicks are sad. I think you gotta be bitchy to survive as a hot chick coz people generally like to tear each other downd, n less hot ones generally have better senses of humor :P
Oops, too long. Nice post man! Right on. BUT I think most chicks outgrow that. By the time they are 15. Girls bitch too much to move in packs afterwards. :P

Anonymous said...

wow nice generalization of women there. sooo im guessing guys wud go sthg like this..
a.hot/egocentric/bedhopping slut
c.average joe/full of shit/whimp

sounds abt right huh?

Iya said...

@i-kko:: wheres the fun in walking alone?

@shabaa:: nope. mindy is exactly like how i described her. coz i said so.

@thom:: this is just ONE generalization of girl, girl. i agree with u on the girl being bitchy part, but i dont think all of them "outgrow" it that soon.

@anonymous:: thats not true. men cant be sluts. thats gramamatically incorrenct. im guessing ur an anonymous GIRL. and heres what anonymous ppl are...

a. coward
b. coward
c. coward

lyna said...

i cudnt b bothered to write my name but if u wanna kno there it is, and if u still dont know u can always ask ur girl :)
ps. and men cant be sluts y?? since wen wer sluts even a part of grammar?

Iya said...

@lyna:: couldnt be bothered to write ur name but cud be bothered to comment on half my posts?? thats odd... bice to finally meet u.. hehehe

callι ριxєlғcuкєя said...

ure good

shAf said...

All girls do NOT travel in groups/packs/trios/blah blah... Period! I can prove it to you, and you know it. ;P

Shy said...

I agree, how fuckin sad is this. r we that easy to figure out? i cant seem to figure out men at all. i suck at that.