Tuesday, April 01, 2008

TVM is 30??

As you would know, Television Maldives celebrated their 30th year of broadcasting. Me, being the generous person that I am, decided to dedicate a blog post to them. Seriously... I am so fucking generous sometimes... Here’s a bunch of reasons NOT to watch TVM.

It makes you want to kill yourself
The monotone narration and the uninspired, often plagiarized content is enough to drive even the sanest man into suicide. Imagine what it’d do to the weak minded individual!

It makes you dumber
It’s a proven scientific fact that TVM kills a million brain cells every 2.5 minutes. Do the math.

There’s a guy with HUGE eyebrows
A skinny guy with a deep voice and HUGE eyebrows. Nobody should be subjected to that. Nobody.

Sluts. The whole lot of them
Everyone knows that the chicks in the dramas are… you know what? Never mind. It’s a plus point in TVM’s favor.

They broadcast sissy crybaby asswipes
Yooppe’, Seezan AKA Seexan AKA Seazan AKA seaxan AKA Cyzan AKA Cyxan AKA C-zan AKA C-xan, GIYAS the mega faggot, and others who I don’t know the name of.

Creepy news anchors
There’s a lady on TVM who anchors the English news who has a permanent smirk on her face. Like “I know something you don’t” kind of smirk. And she’s not even that hot.

Also this one time I saw and ugly ass buruga clad guy/gal/thing on TVM. Anchoring news, I think… I cant remember correctly. Must have blocked it out of my mind…

They use the SAME GUY for EVERYTHING!!!
Adam Naseer. 'nuff said. that guy is EVERYWHERE!!!


nasru said...

cudnt agree wit u more. esp, tht lady wit the smirk. shes definitely nt hot, shes creepy..

mode said...

You kno what, whn i first saw TVM that day...i wishd that if u would write about them!!

I-kko said...

this post rocks dude..i agree with u on every single point..seriously they make ppl go mad!
and did u hapn to catch glimpse of that song they made for their anniversary!??! i was laughin my ass off!!!

nynaeve said...

and how about the fact that they look like they would come out of the screen when presenting the news...its like, in your face:S

*bows to the generous Iyasennin*

useful.idiot said...

couldnt agree with you more... :-)

Thom said...

Tvm. Sucks.
Right on abt everything!
In the past 30 years the only progress they've made is... Err... umm.. err...

ThalaGolaa said...

the TV "Programme" which comes with a loaaaaaannng beeep occupied with the color bars is still the same!!!
and it can get sometimes freak you out when you sit and watch it for abt 15 minutes.
the only programme which comes without any commercials :S

TVM Sucks!

you should make Nasheed read this post dude ;)

Kutti Nasheed, Senior!


innu said...

30 years of broadcasting non-entertainment and government propaganda. welldone TVM.

and nice post, bro :P

bulhaa said...

*clap clap*

The Dark One said...

tvm = terrible violent maldivian, is what you will turn into if you watch it.

Iya said...

@nasru:: im always right. learn that about me.

@mode:: oooooookaaayyyy... so you EXPECT me to write about stuff... interesting.

@i-kko:: any song that made you laugh your ass off... being the cute ass that it is... cant be all bad.

@nynaeve:: *acknowledges bow*

@useful idiot:: i know.

@thom:: the answer is the move from eastman color to technicolor. thats it.

@thalagolaa:: the only thing i find surprising in that is that YOU sat still for 15 minutes.

@innu:: thanx, bro.

@bulhaa:: ;)

@the dark one:: too true, my friend. too true.

ammu said...

salhi salhi! keep it up bro.

thuized said...

i miss vajeehube..keke

shaf said...

Haaaaaahahahahahaha.... hahahahahaha.....aahaahhaha....

*still laughing*

The Shadowrunner said...

Its a perfect place for my...*cough* field tests... all closed up and stuff.

paperclippenny said...

you should've mentioned the weather reporters. Those guys look as if they might pee their pants any second.