Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Be an asshole... be happy.

You know those hot girls with those loser guys? YOU could be one of those guys! You think those guys just get up one day and GET the gal? No, they work for it. Kudos to them, I say. Anyone banging a hot chick deserves a pat on the back and a free coffee. Well, maybe not the free coffee.
Here’s how you build a strong relationship AND get girls to like you.

I’m sure some of you guys out there will know what I’m talking about. There’s a gal that you like, but she’s head over heels for some jerk. I would know… I have been that jerk a few times.

Don’t be shy. Be a jerk. Treat all women like they are trash. They love it. Especially the hot ones. Seriously. Be a complete asshole. Say you are at a coffee with a group of people and theres a girl that you like sitting among them. Don’t hesitate. They smell fear. Be confident. Be arrogant. That’ll get their attention. They wont admit it right off the bat, but they’ll dig you.

You know how girls complain how finding their number and calling them is a violation of their privacy? Fuck their privacy. Get their number. Call them up. U were a jerk, remember? She’ll talk to you. That violation speech is for good guy losers who they don’t like. Good guys are crap in bed, and they know it. It really comes down to sex, yes.

Don’t shudder. Confidence is the key. You are horny. She is horny. Yes. She’s horny too. Girls just aren’t as vocal as we are about that fact. Talk about normal stuff and hint a bit of nice-ness in her favor.

A couple of days more, mett up, make out, have sex. Everyone’s happy. Remember what uncle Iya says… If you cant satisfy your woman in bed, you aren’t worthy of being called a man. So be sure to get plenty of practice and take lots of vitamins. They count orgasms, you know…


Thom said...

Girls do thrive on jerks. True.

Siku said...

haha... i find very few interesting blog posts in and this is one of the interesting ones. soo true and very informative.. thanks for sharing it :)


rundin thalhaa said...

thioh coffee akaa laa halan vejje ennu. rundi. biteh nuvegentha thi ulhenee? biteh nuveema dhen aalaathun kairee foni kandan maa bitun vaa lhaa akah vegen. balaa eh. mi postun fennanee thi lhaige rundi kan. ingijje ennu.

maail said...

hehe true.

Iya said...

@thom:: they DO, yes... why do you think i posted this? :p

@siku:: one thing i agree with u there... there are very few interesting people on mvblogs now...

@rundin thalhaa:: thilhaa amaa fui boegen nagoo balhu adhi comment kure ennun eba. fadaboebala soomaari. oh,l sorry.. thilhaa ah fada nulibeythi kanneynge dhoa ehaa nattaigen thi ulheny. its ok. at least you got to suck on your dad's cock.
thanx, man. havent had a commenter like u in AGES.

Iya said...

@maail:: yea, bro.

rundin thalhaa said...

nooney rundiyaa olhigen thiulhenee. maaginain coffee heesi machah elhuneema vaanee thihen. thilhai amaage fada ma bu ee. fahareh ga thi lhai ah ves dheefaane kanneynge kaley amaa. paka pakaaaaas. thilhai bovvun mee haadha faseyha kamekey. kekeke. thilhai bafaage burin rundi eh ufuraaleema elhai fummaigen dhaahen mihaaru thilhai thi dhanee. kekeke
p.s: thilhai akah nuhuttu veyne comment kurumeh. dhen dhey athun halan. paka pakaaas n gud to b of help abt the filthy comments ;)

Iya said...

ah, you are stupid as well as cowardly. i CAN stop you commenting, i just choose not to.

keep telling urself wat u want to help u sleep at night.

Iya said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
rundin thalhaa said...

hevey rundiyaa, comment kuranee thilhai kiyaashey galhiyaaa. komme gotheh viyas comment upload vumah fahu ennu delete kureveynee. galhi lhai gandu. masha ingey ehchakee thi lhai e delete kuran beynun viyas nukiyaa delete kuraakah nukereynekan. rundi. which makes u the coward. then lalala.

bandey said...

it seems like rundin thalhaa lost one of the hot girls he was after to a jerk like you. sorry boy. cant say i feel your pain. but hey atleast you are using a name instead of anonymous.

(why the hell is he proudly admitting he tasted ur mom?? have you seen his mom? are you in to that sort of thing? wait! is iyas dad the jerk who stole that "hot girl" from you?)

lol he calls his rantings bovvun. LOL!! more like pent up frustration through a veil of anonymity!! tell you what! ill help you get iyas mom.. i mean your girl back!! its the least a guy can do. you know what i think ill make a petition to help you get your girl back!! hows that for you!!

rundin thalhaa said...

oh hoho! rundi lhaige firihen kulhi partnaru aii dho. saabahey, wat devotion to ur gay lover. protecting him even from a comment on a blog. pakapakaaas. dude, its time u guys came out of the closet. and btw, u dont need to help me get rundi lhai's mom back. i got urs. pakapakaas. Kaggandah baaru kuriyas thee bodu varu. why dont u make a petition to allow gay rights in the Maldives for ppl like u n rundi lhai? i think with all the reform goin on, they would b willing to consider. So no need to waster ur time helpin ppl like me ;)kekeke. now go fuck his ass..or is he the alpha male here? its kinda confusing u kno coz u both sound like Wusses

bandey said...

the petition :D

@rundin thalhaa: wouldnt you like to be the alpha male ;)

Rundin thalhaa said...

dude, cant u b a bit more pro?


Check it out, i'm sure u 2 will b really happy. So sign it from the link soon. Gud luck to both of ya! Ummah!

bulhaa said...

oh fun. cat fight! O.o

Reilly Klevre said...

@rudin thalhaa
calm down kiddo its just a freaking post. no need to wet yourself over it, and dont even bother having a go at me. i dont reply to people whom i consider to below my allowable limit of stupidity.

@author of blog:
should've just redirected em all to

Like they say "a pic is worth 1k words"

Rundin thalhaa said...

@reilly klevre
i think u got ur nick wrong. its actually "reilly stupid". so pls dont shit in ur pants and blame others for ur own stupidity. if ur talking abt intolerance of stupidity, then i think u shud commit suicide coz there aint anybody stupider than urself. n i dont giv a shit if u dont reply ;) damn coward, dont even hav the guts to giv the link to ur blog.

Iya said...

so sweet that you pay all that attention to me... you lost a gal to a guy like me didnt you? or was it me? well, if thats the case, im sure i gave it to her hard and she liked it.

Rundin thalhaa said...

now now, im not gay like u, so dont come onto me. and ummm... r u talkin abt doin ur mom? ewww gross. dude, i jus feed off losers like u ;) ppl who believe in their subconscious that they're the best/coolest when in real life, they jus plain suck. like ur blog's theme says sucka, life doesn't suck, U suck. paka pakaas. jus hav the guts to admit it and dont drag others into it :P

Iya said...

awww... so sweet you trying to be bigger than you are... you dont feed off me, you feed off youself thinking you are witty or whatnot. i never claim to be "cool", btw. im just awesome.

my life never sucks either. so sit in you little room at your little PC commenting on blogs like you are a "big" person. i'll be out living my life, being the awesome person that i am.

Rundhin thalhaa said...

dude, ever here abt wifi n gprs? abt pda phones? hehe, even if im out there livin ma life i can always update myself abt ur pathetic life n provide feedback. kekeke i guess u dont hav a clue wat im talkin abt, u sittin in ur pathetic little whole with UR pc trying desperately to fathom the overwhelming pressure of being a moron. and i never claimed to b witty but i do agree to the fact that u are awwe!so!stupid. and i am feeding off u: u desperately attempting to refute each of my comments is evidence, so get a life ;)i believe its my job to make u pathetic morons realize urselves for who u r

Iya said...

and your innate need to snap at awesomeness proves my point. i dont think you are what you try to come off as. you must be an eleven year old or something. a delusional eleven year old.

oh, well, good luck playing messiah in your own imaginary little world. im sure you would come back here, since you have no life except jerking off to internet porn with your "PDA".

amZ said...

Dude. Who is this looser? Show urself u maggoty asswipe!!

Rundin thalhaa said...

oh man! it must b quite a blow to ur ego to be bullied by who u believe to b an 11 year old. kekeke. those bitter memories from ur childhood are starting to manifest themselves now aren't they? u think ur really mature eh? kekeke. Just read the crazy shit u write once in a while will ya? And pls make sense wen u say i'l b comin back here coz i got nothing better to do than to jerk off porn. pakapkaas. U think there is anything to jerk abt on this wack of a blog? Or do u jerk urself reading ur own shit? kekeke

dude, u really love to wipe asses dontcha? i think it would b more hygienic to wash it usin soap n water. So pls, next time, wash it instead of wiping after shitting otherwise, ur shit is gonna b all over; like the way it ended up here

Arkturus said... O_o...

ummm.... wasn't this post about hot chicks and jerks? what happened to that? now it's become about personal hygiene? weird...

but iya? i fully support this post. ^_^ totally true and told in an awesome way. i guess some people would want to discredit the truth in it cox they feel its 'rude' or 'mean' or 'objectifying' or some shit like that. nay, i say. tis true and a couple of 'nice-guy-types' banding together, holding hands and wishing real hard ain't gonna change that. :P

rock on. \m/ ^^

u dont wanna know me said...

ah! atlast someone's here to puncture the ego of wannabe eminem, mr-im-the-biggest-jerk-iya! who the fuckin hell do u think u r iya, fuckin fag. & wen someone says somthing at ya, your little gay fucker bandey, comes along to defend u. ehennu vaany, eh kulhyge dhe lhaa viyya & when hes punched to the ground, doesnt have the guts to surface. punk! whose the coward now?? fada boe bala thi dhe rundin..!! dhen enme molhu kamakah thi dhe kes bajara ah kureveynee mys myhun ge amayaa bafayaa behun. go ahead! say it! like id give a shit! & then claim the whole world is full of cowards other than u. u know, ur the biggest loser i ever, EVER seen. adhi maa bitun set vaa rundi eko, thilhaa kashiveli laigen gayaa dhurah, gudhah ove athun halan vynu dho. thi kuhthaa yaa kaaku hithaa vaany, thi lhaa ah gaagu gayah eruny? thi huregen feli aruvany? aan, bandey buriah jehifa thoacheh onnaany. i really feel sory for fags like u. now cmon, dont be angry, u pig faced moron! im the fuel to ur fire & now ur burning in it..!

u know well enough that u dont even amount to a tiny rats ass! u little piece of shit, so u act oh im so foul mouthed on some sissy blog. but in real life, ur just a huge pig ass mofo! ur friends make fun out of u, ur girlfriend left u for some other dude & u relieve those frustrations on this ridiculously gay blog tht u created crying ovr that whore! & ur writing that on your blog claiming ur the don juan. (by the way, who did u lose that bitch to? jumanji?? hahhahaha!!!)

"..head over heels for some jerk. i would know... i have been that jerk..."
god, such a sore loser! y dont u go fuck urself! ur one pathetic, sick son of a bitch!! your life suck! YOU suck.. BIG TIME!!! im outtie..

amz: maa fuppaane kameh neiy, thilhaa vaki rycheh noon anga galhaakah ingey! balaa ekey mi alaathunna hedhi..

bandey said...

wait im confused now. is it the post you are not happy with. or iya and myself? or the fact we pick on jumanji?
are you leesh???

bandey said...

seriously, seriously talk about a hypocrite calling another hypocrite a hypocrite.
being anonymous and bitching like a school girl on a blog comment page. grow up.
your alpha male complex of showing off that you can out diss every one else here by rude remarks and cheap blows doesnt show you are superior than the rest of us. just shows that u are desperate for the attention you dont receive outside that computer screen of yours. frankly your roar is not big as your fangs. but i have to give you credit for you trying to look smart and witty in your comments. but everyone else here knows that you are just kidding yourself.
so again grow up! and face the facts. you are a hypcorite. an actual looser calling others looser. dont bother trying to defend you self with your futile and low inbred comments. only proves what i said is true.
(or you can go ahead and comment back anyway, wanna see how you react, something about me being gay and violating iyas ass (or vice versa), or maybe my parents and other relations would be involved. or a snidely comeback at my intelligence perhaps. nah just some rude remarks and tell us how you dont care about what i say and you are free to say what you want at anyone you like, i bet. no. maybe perhaps something a bit more creative? common.. surprise us :D)

Rundhin thalhaa said...

ooh so this is wat this damn blog is abt. ur bitching abt losing that whore to some other guy... hmmm... could it b a nice guy?? pakapakaas.

dude, ur in Total Denial man! i knew all the pathetic rantings and attempts to stereotype urself as "awesome" was all fake. But the truth has finally surfaced! wat a loooser! Ur reciprocating the whole concept u SOB! the kick on ur balls by dat ex slut of urs has pushed u to the precipice of homosexuality! kekeke. And since u fear to publicly announce it, ur jus attempting to hide it by claimin to b digged by chicks when in actuality all that is digged abt u by chicks is an extra hole in ur ass with their feet! pakapakaas.

Sheesh! man! ur a disappointment to humanity u sick freak! But i got advise for ya, if u wanna heal that badly jus admit that you suck! confess u coward! instead of...let's say in ur own words, "playing messiah in ur imaginary little world", deal with it like a man!!

But for the time being, ladies and gentlemen, the author of this post is proof of contradiction to the topic. Now, arkturus u sissy SOB, put ur foot in ur mouth...or in ur ass...watever

PS: Stil think im a 11 year old? and ur the delusional one u twisted bastard!

Rundin thalhaa said...

@bandey: Anekka ves kahgandah baaru kuree dho. kekek. N who is this Lysh ur talkin abt? is she the girl Jumanji stole from both u guys? pakapakaas! so that's why ur tryin to make a mockery of him. Who's the hypocrite now? I hav to say anybody can make a blog and write any shit abt anyone. You think ur really creative eh? pakaas. Read the shit u write abt n u'l realize that ur the childish ones, refusing to grow up. Where do u think ur living? Neverland? pakaas. 25 aharu vaaa iruves thi ulhenee khithaanu nukuraa kuda kuda dhe lhai hen. Hmm, come to think of it, u might not b circumsized even now. ewww. All i kno is that u 2 had been bullied and made a fool of too much wen u were kids by members of ur family n school mates so ur desperately seeking a compensating feeling for that. So its a problem wen we do the same to u eh? hehehe. At least hav some respect man! we're doin the same thing u r. Only in a different way. U (desperately) try to b creative. But we just try to...yes, try... to b just a little intuitive and the end result: None of the reactions u creatively predicted. And dude, do the math, there are more than 1 or 2 ppl who find u guys pathetic. Anyways, did u sign the petition( I havent had the time to check out how its goin. And pls, dont call us hypocrites; hypocrites r ppl who hide their true feelings. We're expressing out true feelings man! Ur the ones trying to hide it with the whacky "creativity". pakaas

PS: thi dhe lhai aii ves rundige gothuga eve, dhaanee ves rundinge gothuga eve

u dont wanna know me said...

@rundin thalhaa: delusional is right! hes living in his own world... this blog! theres a real world out there iya! & ur the biggest loser there. fuckin excuse for a human being...

@bandey: awww... im sory did violate whats urs! iya's ass! its no surprise u luv his ass so much, so no need to mention the obvious. what a predictable motherfucker...

Anonymous said...

@you dont wanna know me - obviously you give a shit, when you claim otherwise. your inferior remarks are proof of that.
its just a fucking blog, mere text on your computer screen, does it really affect you that much? well, obviously it does.

i sense this is a typical senseless, immature maldivian feud....about some girl.
your lives probably revovle around relationships, and its people like you who roam around the streets stabbing people (many times because of a quarrel concerning a girl).
and your reactions are typical of maldivians too, they take the internet too seriously. for some reason, text and pixels on screens affect maldivians far greater than other (sensible) human beings. we should do a study or something to confirm this, i think i'd be right.

@rundin thalhaa - you bring in the most idiotic points ever, i suspect that's why Iya referred to you as an 11 year old, circumcision has nothing to do with a person's growth, be it mentally or physically, you're just brought up to think it does.
like "oh, mi kujjaa hithaanu ves koffi dhoo, mihaaru bodu kujjekey mee", your parents just say it to make you feel better. (another reason to assume you were 11 years old, that's like a christian adult still believing in santa claus).

good day to you, and i can only hope that you two join me later at the top of the food chain :)

Rundin thalhaa said...


Hehehe! Hahaha! Another hypocrite. If you don't take the internet so seriously then why bother to read/comment? moron. So first things first; u jus made a fool of urself. Hama mi pixcel thakunnaa text on computer screen inthaa thi kah gandah baaru koh gen thiulhenee

Dude, you sound tense, chill a bit will ya? that's exactly the reason why i bring up those idiotic points ; to provide comic relief(hope u kno wat it means). Don't u notice the "pakaas" n "kekekes". Sounds to me like ur the one taking things too seriously.

And no need to bring all the politics n stabbing n nabbing into this; Gos majileehuga nagaabala massala, dhen maa political vegen, balaa eh

believe me, i don't even kno who these brainsick legacyofdicks/geribandey characters are, i jus find them outright stupid. Like my name says, i like to screw around with Rundin like 'em. And dont bother askin how i kno they're rundin coz u wudnt understand since u got something goin on with 'em (a gay cult mayb..who cares?...oops, here i go again with the "idiotic points")

You find the "mikujjaa khithaanu koffi...blah blah" bit a hasty generalization but u dont find the "nice guy loves girl but girl loves jerk" thing stupid? Again, u obviously have something going on with these two wackos.

And if ur attempting to sound witty n b political, pls understand that im trying to make these ppl realize, they're not..lets put it in ur own words: at the top of the food chain. Dude, it all starts (the stabbing n nabbin) with an attitude like these two hav here; arrogant, swaggering, disrepect for others. Its ppl with this kinda perspective of life who violate others, so if ur not part of the solution, then ur part of the problem. We gotta bring them down to the humane level to make them realize they cant jus swagger around arrogantly.

So pls consider urself smart and giv urself a pat on the back (when in actuality ur lying face up at the bottom of the food chain, looking up thinking ur at the top). Now rot u fuckin anonymous coward!!
Hmmm, u do sound a bit like Bandey though..but who cares??

at least its gud u took out all ur bottled up frustrations somewhere u fuckin coward! and iya thanks for providing the platform, this would b goin on for a looong time. so cya around sucka!

PS: Good day to you too and I hope you join me later at the valu dhoraashi of the food chain

Iya said...

@rundin thalhaa:: i really dont give a shit what you think, dude. say what you want on what 'platform' you want. of course, your 'job' being this, i thought you'd have your own platform by now. i left this comment box open to anonymous commenters so that everyone has a say.

@you dont wanna know me:: i do wanna know you. rundin thalhaa seems like he's put off by my posts, but you seem to be put off by ME. what intrigues me is that you didnt take the first crack at me and waited till RT started. pity.

The Dark One said...

this is hilarious.. rundin thalaa really got something stuck up his ass to be so offended by this post.. talking about people who has no lives; please dude go write a book if you have problems. or better yet you need to get laid; by a dude if thats your preference because your innate obsession for iya is showing and you rather have him than a hot girl...

"i believe its my job to make u pathetic morons realize urselves for who u r" who do you think you are fucking Dr.Phil? lol.. its my job.. funny shit..

some people takes posts a bit too literally. and why bring jumanji into it.. thats even more hilarious..LOL. Classic.

Anonymous said...

rundin thalhaa - i'm not the one getting all worked up because of a blog entry. i'm merely replying to your comments. inferior creatures (i.e. you) are quite entertaining you know, its just like watching monkeys in a circus.
and stop with the "kah gandah baaru kuranee" retort, it died during the mid 90s.

look up the term "comic relief". its supposed be funny, you know. and frankly, you're not.

you're actually defending the gang violence?
ok, thats it. you're not worth my time (yes, not even on the internet).
and you're even ripping off my lines, jeez man. be a little more creative. (thats really not surprising though, since you're still using lines from the 90s. just don't break into a raivaru)

Rundin thalhaa said...

@the dick...uhh dark one:

1. Thanks for the idea about the book, i can right abt all u loosers ;) Hmmm, n thanks for the link, mayb we can explore ur Rundi side :D Coz if ur connected to these guys, u gotta hav plenty of screws loose.

2. U sound like u got laid for the first time. Don't worry, u get excited at first and begin recommending it to others (which is kinda pathetic n proves jus how inexperienced u r with women)

3. Are u the pimp in this group? Sounds to me like ur able to sell iya or whoever u want like they're ur bitches. kekeke, but dont u boost ur ego jus yet, it only makes u the head bitch. pakaas

3. Damn! aren't u n bandey friends? he already told everyone not to talk abt gay shit, damn! buri loavalhun tha liyefa hunna echihi thi kiyanee? sheesh, talk abt loyalty among friends.

4. And ic you've taken advise from Dr.Phil but dont b shy, everybody's got issue's (most probably in ur case, being unable to perform well sexually due to havin a dick the size of an exhausted cigarrete butt)

5. Thanks for comparing to such an exceptional personality :D

6. Its not about the post, there i said it. Happy? Its about u n ur sodachi gang :D Its fun for me to make a mockery out of ya. Everyone knowz ur a bunch of fags with miniature dicks and with butter swiped up ur assholes. Its fun n dont deny it, coz ur laughin urself. :P

7. Man u really must b jealous of this Jumanji character. Dude, mockin ppl like him won't make u any better, so face the facts suckas!


1. Here we go with tension again. Didnt ur doc tel u to watch ur temper? Isn't that why the doc told u to go c the circus?; to enjoy n calm ur nerves? Or r u part of the act?

2. mihaaru retort ves expire vey dho. Ekama behey committee ge raees dho thi beyfulhaa akee. dhen maa siyaasee lhai eh. balaa eh

3. I did not appoint u do judge/rate my comments for funniness :D Araa rathuga hunna iru koacheh tha majaa vaanee? rundi. Faaga asaara kolheh hoadhan nikumebala avahah

4. Rundiya thaneh dhoreh neyngi thikahala anga aruvaa aalaathunnaa hedhee thalhaa folhun gina vanee. Dhen ves anga naaruvaa maithiri vegen hureveythoa balaabala.

5. Copyrights jahaafa eh neigh thilhaige line thakuga eh, dhen lalala. And its gud that u realized its futile of u to retort; eat ur own words again "ur not worth my time" either but doesn't everybody do worthless stuff? like the dick...uhh...sorry again, the dark one, legacyofdicks and the etc bunch of bolurodhi madhu characters we got here.

So in decent terms... FUCK U ALL! :D

PS: Get pissed n reply, i kno u all r pissed, but let's face it, u all suck n u deserve it

The Dark One said...

yawwwnn.. is that the best u can do? i didn't even bother to read the whole cause its too long. its a blog comment not a research psychological thesis better things to do.. do you?

Rundin thalhaa said...

@the dick...uhh dark one! dammit!:

hehe, like i said, u guys r cowards, fucku vedhaane thee nukeenu, damn fuckin coward! u us proved it :D dhen agu heyokoh fucku fihtha machineh hoadhaigen fihthaa!

you dont wanna know me said...

@the dark one

dhen olhuvaalan ulheyne kameh neih rundiya. vai vegennu thi ulhenee. ekkoh kiyaafa fucku nuvaan vegen. balaa eh. keeh kuran furathama belee reply kurithoa? kuraane kameh netheema ennu. rundi

rundi thelhi said...

Rundin thalhaa : thiya beyfulha ah fada boveyne gothuge inthizaam alhugandumen hama jassai dheynan, adhi university of rudinge scholarship eh libeytho ves massakaiy koh dheynan, adhi thiya beyfulhaa ge thi hasadha veri kan filuvaaa leveyne gothuge inthizaam ves mathee majileeha gulhaigen hama jassadheynan! ehen veema fada aa faaaga dhiya boan ready vegen, shavvalu mahuga ona thirees vaa dhuvahuge 6:30 ge kurin rundi manzil ah vadaigen dhevun edhi dheneveemeve!

Varah rangalhah fada hippeveyne kamah ummeedhu kuramun, vaki velaanan ingeytho!

rundi thelhi

:: well it aint total bull shit is it?? do u get my point into ur thick fat fucking brain asshole? ::

u dont wanna know me said...

@ rundin thalhaa: i gotta hand it to u man.. that, was fuckin awesome!! u beat the crap out of them senseless! & u alone & that was just using words as ur weapon. now thats creativity. bandey koba fada bovey? noony iya buriah jehigothah nunettigen tha thi ulheny, ehchekey nubunevigen firihen kulhiya!! adhi bunefi ennu attention hoadhaashey. attention hoadhan ulhey rundin ingijje ennu. faadu faaduge blog thah hadhaa, ma molhah guitar kulhevey rundi akah hedhigen amilla foto jahaa, profile liye.. balaa ekey. gudho gudho govias me bodu varu. iya thilhaa ah keiyvey tha? adhives ma bodey vegen foakey foakey vidhey huregen. ehcheh liyefa hafthaa eh vandhen eythi polish koffa, dhima dhimaalah auguraana faththaafa, ehen liyunyma maa bad ey, miheh liyefiyya maa cool ey, hithah aruvaafa dhen mi post kurany. haadha fake balhekey dho. thi rundi vejje ennu amilla ah dhameh jehigen maruvaan dho.

@ anonymous: why dont you bend down & suck on ur left nut!! i heard thats what u do best. i said i dont give a shit about what losers like u say to me. using all the big words just like the rest of these pussies! fuckin retards!! 'hypocrites', 'stereotype', 'inferior', these r the most common words that you assholes use in your gay blogs like they make you some kinda god or something. u all r nothing but human beings & some of u, like iya & bandey, r even less than that... & YOU! get your facts right before you poke ur nose, (or ass) into this. do u know shit about anything? gang violence in maldives is NOT mostly a result of some whore shit. its about drugs. look at the statistics u moron! "people like you who roam around the streets stabbing people " yes, we or even I could be one of them. so dont claim you know much when u dont know shit! i bet your not even here in maldives but a maldivian sayin '...reactions of a typical maldivian..' or 'immature maldivian feud' thi kuhthaa ladheh ves nuganeytha??! thilhaa thee america lhaa eh tha noony? evvaru ge alaathunney mi ulheny. haekka faharu rajjeyn beyrah gos, raajjeyn beyruga kiyavan hurevunyma evy thimanna mee europe lhaa ekey. what do YOU call people like YOU then? typical maldivian my ass!! seriously iya, r these really ur friends? y am i not surprised.

@ iya: trust me, u DONT wanna know me, esp. YOU!!
& cmon iya, is that all u had to say? u mentioned urself that we r the fuel to ur fire. what happened? see, this is exactly why i say, your posts, the oh-so-foul-mouthed posts r ur week's (or maybe more than that) work. polishing, makin sure everything is so perfect, which would make you look some type of a hero or something (urghh.. makes me sick..), but guess what? u r just a LOSER! another eminem wannabe! u probably take stuff out from his lyrics & put the words in your post. god.. i know i say this a lot, but i just cant think of any other better word.. "LOSER" oh right "FAKE PATHETIC LOSER", but come to think of it, a lot is coming to my mind right now. pity urself u butt fuckin son of a bitch!!

@ the dark one (jeez, how do u come up with that): so how dark r u anyway? as dark as a tire, or as dark as the time someone burnt u to the darkest black on the color scale wen u made a gay comment like that? really, u gotta stop being iya's "misteress"
.. & all this time i thought u were the only sane one here. sad, very sad, when people like u chose to go astray. u couldnt even put up a argument against rundin thalhaa. u just wrote the lamest comment anyone ever could.
& its not like im bringing jumanji into this, ekamaku hama yageenun ves fenifa kanneyge hunnaany eyna ah haasskoh mi dhe himaaru blog eh hadhaafa, e lhaa ah kollaafa huri varu?? mashaky jumanji dhanna myheh ves noon, ekamu point is, mi dhe mayaahuki rycheh nooney ethics aa behey gothun vaahaka dhakkaakah. ehen myhunnah hypocrites ey, stereotype ey foakey foakey vidheykah. huvaa mibuny, mi ulhey firihen kulhi iya aai bandey ah nubai bayyeh jehey dhuvas ei ma shukuruge dhe rakuathuge namaadheh kuraane dhuvas. emyhun mi faadah thelhey haa hindhaku!!! mark my words!

@ rundin thelhi: u know, for a straight (or r u???) guy, that was the 'gayest' thing anyone could do..! naming urself rundin thelhi!! hithun v molhu kameh dho thi kurevuny nagoo seysaraa. y dont u roll that little letter of urs & shove it up ur butt hole?? hama keiy nuvy dho nufeli innan? whats up with these assholes anyway?

& rundin thalha, thnx man :) hehe

i dont think i will be returning here again. rumors has it some people will be abusing this name.. but if i do, i gonna make sure u losers know that its me! so dont worry u fucks..

bandey said...

its hilarious the way they try to make their points more solid by backing them up with the filth dictionary and imaginary scenarios and cut pasting our comments with deaf ear comebacks. going through our blogs to get context of what would be the best approach for your next comment.
but when you actually do delete the irrelevant name calling and the fictional drama, you are only left with only a few or no hard facts to prove your main point. and that main point is (of all your comments) "we are better than you". anyone who bothered to read your dragging comments of the same thing said over and over again would know what i said is true.
typical 20 year old (maybe 21) living abroad (probably malaysia) alone in an apartment in front of a computer. thinking that these "jerks" are ruining your values and morals are only idiots who think they are gods gift to everything. thats your scenario. am i wrong? trust me when i say this. once you are older you wont have a moral or a life value. only a drive to achieve what you want. and your immature toilet comments are just the beginning. refer to this in 4 years or so. then tell me if im wrong.
(you may have the urge to defend yourself but youll only end up saying the same shit in a different way)

Runding thalhaa said...


Who said anything about morale/virtures n shit? I dont intend to do that, not to the likes of you. I told you, I jus find your damn posts outright stupid. I've said it b4. So i thought i'd jus hav some fun. No morale, no shit. You got any reason for mockin this "jumanji" character or others? im guessin the answer is no. Same here! You fallaciously misunderstood. I'm bugging you for the sake of bugging you. And it seems to b working. No doubt n no denyin dat for u. That's it. And don't blame me for reacting, its only natural. I acted on the "drive" ur talkin abt. Im using these same terms you use coz it will b easy for your immature minds to understand. I guess you jus described yourself from 4 years back. hehe. Its been around 4 years since u were 20/21 and ur stil sitting in front of a computer trying to entertain urself and get some attention. You haven't grown a bit. So I'm tellin you, if u wanna avoid this, grow up, get rid of the childish attitudes. You make mockery of the infamous "jumanji" (whoever he is) n others, and wen somebody does the same to you (not coz of morale/crap mind you), ur offended. sheesh! I reacted on the basis of your attitudes. Sure! i got plenty of spare time, so wat? u got plenty too. Isn't that why u write your posts, polishing them, and thankin everyone who comments positively? Same applies to me. So pls, do your best to find any fiction/filth from this.

P.S: I am not 20/21 and I'm not abroad. I am in plain old Male'. Dont kno abt the other fella (or otherwise) who's commenting against ya)

What I'm doin now is offending you, not defending myself. If I were defending myself, you wouldn't be offended and you wouldn't come back here now would ya?

dude, i pity u. for not being able to understand the taste of ur own medicine. :D

moyameehaa said...

i totally agree to ur post. and interesting war going on.btw ur cease-fire in the other war have lasted exactly one year and four days now.

callι ριxєlғcuкєя said...

not everyones nuts about sex. but sluts are. true true

bandey said...

@ Rundin Thalhaa
Pity that my comment only made you realize that your next comment should be more practical and solid and non fictitious in explaining yourself. But you are still just saying the same shit in a different way.
As you said positive comments will be thanked and negative comments will be argued upon and its up to either side to see how far they are willing to take the argument. Its clear how far you wanted to take it.

@ moyameehaa
yea.. that war is on hiatus. aslu vaivefa :P

@ callι ριxєlғcuкєя
it varies on peoples urges and the ability to control.

Iya said...

@bandey:: i see you've taken the liberty of replying in my absence. kudos.

@moyameehaa:: we are on a break, but we have thought about starting up again soon on the other war.

@calli pixelfcuker:: its human nature to want sex. no use fighting it. :p

@rundin thalhaa:: enjoy the weekend? i sure did.

i really dont care, dude. post here all you want. think what you want about my posts. im gonna keep on posting and you keep on commenting. easy.

Rundin Thalhaa said...


Can't u say anything other than "ur sayin the same shit". And reply directly to that 'shit'? Talk abt pointing out the obvious. To this comment your goin to reply like this, like that, avoiding the content, moron; you're the one doin the 'deaf ear' combebacks. You've run out of dialogue man. So go n suck on a lemon!

bandey said...

Dude!! theres nothing to reply back to!!
Weren't you reading your own comments??
Your opinion in the first place was that Iya is a "wannabe jerk" and the rest was just a bunch of sailor mouth lashes to everyone else who took Iyas side. but that is also because you were provoked by others. theres a reason why they provoked and no it isnt because you were rude, they thought you were the "idiot" instead of Iya. Yea.. everyone is entitled to their opinions.
Unless I am mistaken (which i highly doubt) the OPINION here is that "Iya is a wannabe jerk" and the ARGUMENT is "Who is the bigger idiot?".
and no, "TWO" is NOT the majority here.

bandey said...

let me rephrase that question
"Who is the actual idiot here?"
not bigger..

Rundin thalhaa said...

Hey hey, no need to get ur panties up in a bunch dude. Talk abt gay loyalty. Kekeke, So im guessing ur saying that u r perfect and i should bow down to you? pakaas, talk abt rundism. U think i jus wanted to say iya is a wannabe jerk? keke, u r kindly mistaken dude, i wanted to provoke him n anybody who took his side, yes, and yet u try to convince me to stop. I am proud to say, yes proud ;) that i hav achieved my objective; you desperately trying to reply back is proof. Did the other guy piss u off wen he or she said whether cat got ur tongue? oh why do i even ask? u wanted to prove otherwise :P Did it hurt ur feelings? Talk abt a blow to the ego. kekek. Replying with 2-3 comments at once. Dude, try to say it in one comment. Or do those ideas pop up only after u make the first comment? There is no end to this tunnel dude. So better pack up n turn back :D "bigger idiot" kekeke, dude, ur losing it, sounds to me like deep inside, u believe u r idiots urself. pakapakaas!

This "everyone" ur talkin abt is ur crowd i take it coz anyone pathetic enough to bother to read this wack of a blog can only be someone friends with u. If the audience was wider, im sure the majority would mock ur asses off. And there isn't "TWO" ppl, there is actually "THREE" against ya. With ur comprehensive skills, I'l bet u can't identify the third guy. If u think I'm useless and is a waste of time? then why do u keep on replying in futilty? Pakaas. So the answer to ur question is, not rundIYA, the dick one, or the anonymous, etc etc. its YOU! UR the lucky winner. MORON! kekek

Iya said...

dude, you arent making sense.. YOU read this blog, and that makes you stupid by your own reason. and its not me, bandey or anyone else thats pathetic, its you. you look desperate to come out on top of any arguement. childhood problems, i gather, "pakapakaas". sheeesh. long winded and lame. your comments and retorts were interesting at first, but you seem pathetic now.

commenting on this blog may make you feel significant in your own self. maybe its the only thing you CAN do. like it or not, guys like me rule. guys like you dont< "pakapakaaas".

oh, and nobody tells people to go "suck a lemon" anymore. thats just lame beyond comparison. see you soon.

Iya said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
bandey said...

hehehe predictable answer. now you know why i REPHRASED that question!!

oh my god its not "TWO" its "THREE"!!
that makes a whole LOT of a difference. you tipped the balance of the universe with an extra person. Damn you are good!! the only crowd of ours i know of here is me, iya and the dark one but "our crowd" and the rest seem to be over powered by your extreme "extra man". (if the audience was wider.. you are sure.. LOL)

Heck theres no problem with writing 20 comments to get your message across. yes, i am writing this just on top of my head. Does it mean that you plan out your comments note by note before you type? not that its a problem... good for you :D

and its obvious your last comments goal was to be a low blow at myself, my ego and the rest of your intended areas. but sadly it only proved the whole argument in our favor.
You ARE the actual and bigger idiot!!

wonder what you'd say next to be on top of this argument.

The Dark One said...

His mum forgot to breastfeed him at birth which explains he suffers from A.S.S (Attention Seeking Syndrome). Seek help dude

I-kko said...

dhen balaaehnu mioh ulhey rundin thalhaa yakaa hedhi hehe
dude i agree wit ya in ur post ingay... being a girl i agree hehe
it works...but sometimes a different angle might work too... not all hot girls think alike...

ThalaGolaa said...

hmmm... this is interesting.
but the post is better
RT: whats ur point in here. bitun nuvanee tha?

bandey said...

did the tunnel end?
he did better with the rude remarks and imaginary scenarios.

ThalaGolaa said...

that sissy got no more free arm to continue commenting.

his right thumb is stuck up in his FAT BLACK ARSE while the left is in the mouth!

the cry baby needs all the attention he could be given. A very delicate heart he's got.. unlike most of us (A)

Nynaeve Al' Meara said...

kewl blog as usual but when I saw 60 comments...was abit late:(

*to the rescue*

bandey said...

I bet hes bragging to his friends about how cool he was, and now he stopped because he got bored...
stop living a lie and accept your defeat in the incomprehensible egoistic mind of yours (i know its hard for you but just try it it will ease the pain :P)

edgeless said...


Anonymous said...

Rundin Thalhaa:
one question : WHATS WRONG WITH BEING GAY? really offended man.Gay sex isn't all that bad y,know...i mean i know its only anal but once u find the right guy with a tight ass he can shoe u a whole new world...too bad ur in male but if ever happen to come to lanka i could show u a real good time

Raniya said...

comment section is more interesting than the post i believe :) hihi

Anonymous said...

u really think u kno women well dont u :/
like someone said above..not all women (hot or watever *rolling eyes*) think alike. some may be charmed by the bad boy attitudes guys got but there are a lot of girls who just want a commited nice guy. but lately its just too much to ask from a guy...and ppl like u arent makin it easier for us to find a person like dat anymore....sigh :(

flame said...

these people have very low opinion of women...