Tuesday, June 03, 2008


Okay, I’ve had enough. I have reached the point where I have to say something to someone. Heads up, because I’m about to rant… sort of.

Football can kiss my ass. Maldivian football, to be precise.

Fact: Maldivian football sucks donkey dick. They haven’t shown ANY development, despite the attention they get. Despite all the funding they get from the government and stuff.

It all gets too much when the SAFF cup is everywhere! Its shameful and downright frustrating.

And TVM in all their “professionalism” glorifies Maldivian “footballers”. I heard them say “football is in every Maldivian’s blood.” and “it’s a wonder how far football has come”

Up yours, TVM. Up your bumhole.

Fact: some Maldivian player got an opportunity to play in a foreign club, but he cried like a sissy girl and came back home becaue the training was too “tough”.
Man up, player who I don’t know the name of!

Fact: Maldivian players lack discipline, yet their heads are up beckhamville.

All those advertisements that depict the Maldivian players saying “this is going to be our win” (rough translation), you all are gonna fall on your faces and I am going to laugh at you.

Sure, there is a chance if you look at probability. But lets face it… when have you won?


The Dark One said...

fucking agree with you on that, and they actually think that they made it ; fucking stupid lack discipline, receives the most amount of funding of any sports in Maldives but still fall short. Well that explains Maldivian mentality in the short run in sports...and other aspects of our society.

amz said...

i agree with u...wat do these ppl think they are capable of? and brags abt galolhu dhandu being able to make maldivinas unbeatable...i ask the same thing...when have u won??...ever??!

Anonymous said...

Like I have said elsewhere, and this probably would identify me too, we have always heard the hype and the unrealistic expectations- but the team, yes even this time around, sucks big time.

I think it is the media who play up our chances. The team, talent-wise too, lack enough quality and depth to win, even this "our turn".

For us to win, we will have to endure watching the worst football ever played by the relative big-guns of the region. And that would be like watching shit come out of anyone's arse.

TVM and the all-knowing self-proclaimed local football experts, who know only a dicks-worth of football knowledge, well other than some basic stats, have got to keep their fucking gaping holes shut, for their own good and our dignity.

I wont laugh when our team falls flat and cries foul, which is what we could expect of this bunch of heretics. It would indeed be a sad moment, what a waste of finances.


bogova said...

u fucking moron..dnt think everyone gonna loose cause ur a big looser.u knw why this country sucks big time?caz we hav too many self-fucked up bunches of assholes like you.they dont wish anything good for they country..at least hope and wish u dammed idiot.

Anonymous said...

totally explains what u on about when you look at your blog name, legacyofpain ?!!

i was gonna say something but looking at ur name, i don't want cause more pain for u.

legacy of pain..hahah

football player said...

are you a bashi player???are you jealous...do you want Maldivian government to build youth development program for gay bashi players???

dude if you think this is all about wining and spending money your are totally wrong.this about football
we all love (expect for few gay bashi players).btw your facts didnt match up it seems,the dick heads played really well and scored 3 goals.

penny said...

Iya's right. There's too much hype over Maldivian football.

Iya said...

@the dark one & amz:: true that.

@anonymous:: they DO cry foul, dont they... its a bit immature for grown men. last i heard it was a BOY who cried wolf. :p

@bogova:: ah, the days when i hoped and wished. then i found out the truth... well, for you to be an idiot is a blessing i guess. you're immune to the true going ons and live in your delusions. keep it up.

@anonymous2:: dude, everyone knows my blog's name. its a shame you were born retarded. youre missing out the REALLY funny things in life. like our football team. they are a joke.

@football player:: very mature. call everyone you dont like gay. thats what footballers do, i guess... well, even bashi players are more advanced in their relative sport than football players, ass wipe. at least bashi players have fun on the field. sadly you dont. the only reason we won is because the other team sucked more. i'm guessing you were more busy masturbating to the men in shorts to pay attention to the game.
ps. THATS how you make a gay insult, retard.

@penny:: of course im right. :p

iekko said...

dhen football vias heybali vun dhen boduvareh male ga nukulhey balaa varu ge ehche.. ok dhen world cup balan dhen ekam mee koanche?

The Shadowrunner said...

Football here has a long way to go. I agree with you. And all you fags who keep insulting Iya because you know he's hit a sore spot on your beer bellies, just shut up - you're making me laugh!.

da hell said...

since you hate it http://what-a-noos.blogspot.com/2008_06_01_archive.html

bandey said...

lol bashi players went abroad to teach and play bashi with foreigners and came back defeated from their own game. basically no maldivian is good at any sport.

as for foot ball.. we suck. the fact we even won a match was pure coincidence. it would have been a different score if we were playing on pakistan grounds. man up and stop blaming support from fans or away from home games or weather conditions the reason for defeat, we have been blindly covering for our players using these excuses.

and as for people who think we are the reason this country sucks big time should read iyas post again and get better facts to back your argument.

Anonymous said...

was just passing through n thought i'd say something. enjoy your false sense of patriotism and ingnorance while it lasts. if you guys are too lazy to educate your selves by reading books, then at least try and take a que from that movie "the Gladiator".

we are wintessing the missing link between the apes and the humans, just a bit more brawn that brain i guess.

you guys are fucked, arogant bastards.

Anonymous said...

@bogova - i've read exactly what you posted many times before, coincidently, all of the posters are maldivian.

i was like having a deja vu i've already experienced countless times.

ali said...

the fact is we are not good in any sports but in football we have a chance to be the best in this region.our team have good players compare to other BIG countries around us.players like asfaq,oppo and isse have skill and technique.they are capable players.if we keep the composer and discipline surely this will be our time.

About you post i think your full of negativity.you may need some kinda of therapy.even if you like it or not majority of Maldivian love football and its in they blood.i think your just too jealous seen too many fans cheering for our team.

Anonymous said...

yahOO we won even today,,,grt support ppl..no comments about this guy he is a psychopath maybe too depressed about life LOl..iyas my asss

Anonymous said...

Hello, there is a doctor called Eashwaran, he can help people like you. have you ever visited him? If so take the pills he prescibed I bet it will help in the long run. hey people dont call him a psychopath, its a desease and we can help to cure him. ignoring him wont help.
good luck

Thom said...

Eshwaran makes a living from handing druggies more drugs... please lah, irrelevant info much?
Iya is absolutely right man... lol you posters who call him all sortsa shit are just miffed that he's hitting the nail right on its fucking head..
Jeez, our country's good for nothing... ya know why? Because people spend too much time on utter pointlessness like our football teams and bashi teams and what not.. its part of a bloody conspiracy to keep your heads afixed in your respective asses.
Basically... you keep saying victory hurray what not to those sissies, waving ur bloody pom poms :P... and the people who are actually enjoying the glories of our country are sitting on silk chairs with popcorn, giggling their minds out watching you morons who are too busy being morons to actually do something *GASP* productive.
Thus, conclusively, hear hear Iya :P!!!!
BTW dude me shall post soon iyye exams nimunee :D

ibu said...

thom this not a majlis where you talk about politics and sissy asses we are talking about football here tsk "we are not good at anythng"???
Are you blind we winning every match.paskasssss
you and your frind sucks in everything do dont blame others for being sucessfull you loooooserssss

btw you friend aka pain in my ass has nail his own asss

Iya said...

its a wonder that a thing as useless as football is what you people would call "patriotism". its a shame really. hanging on to your false hope of winning this thing.

thom is right.

naive assholes, you wouldnt know patriotism if it bit you on the ass. all you can do is, call people like me who speak their mind "psychopaths" and live your petty lives. good luck with your retarded lives. i'll think what i think and i'll write wat i write. maldivian football sucks and it doesnt have anything to do with patriotism.

Anonymous said...

@ibu - i've read exactly what you posted many times before, coincidently, all of the posters are maldivian.

i was like having a deja vu i've already experienced countless times.

Anonymous said...

Hey hey hey

Maldives represents the worst of football playing ever.

Iran beat Maldives 17-0


Anonymous said...

dhivehin suck in everything football,blogging and even fucking.everything about maldives sucks :language religion culture and most of all people.
and the author of this post is the biggest sucker of all time..poor asshole is sitting on his own pool of shit and laughing and ranting about it.. hahaha.. so stupid

i heard that borat is playing a new moive about Maldives its called sakisatan.u all will be featured in this film.

The Shadowrunner said...

@last anonymous: What the hell is a moive?.

LOL, call us psychopaths. We are one, we are many. We are Anonymous, we are Legion. We do not forgive, we do not forget.

bandey said...

aah.. pure heavenly bliss... maldives lost.. :P
now just hope and see if lanka fails so they wont have to play overseas..
coz if they do fail.. all of you \who have been bravely defending our team shall know what we have been talking about.. we have been winning out of sheer luck.
and some how being arrogant feels good when you are right...

Anonymous said...

fuck u bandey lanka dadu ga bali galha fa onani..dhen india ves balikuranan kalee huree bovifa

Anonymous said...

For your info, Maldives is a country of population 300K, which is 0.025% of ur useless population of 12BN, who're gud for nothin, world hated, stupid enough to worship some asshole called shiva's fucking prick!

When you talk about our country, why dont you have a look at yours?

Where're you at world sports? China has equal poverty and resources to you, but can you see how wel they do in the olympics? that proves 12BN population of you is just a pile of "HOLY COW SHIT" as you would call it!

Yes we lost 17-0 to iran in 1997, but in 2006, jus 9 yrs after tht, we drew with south korea who had jus played world cup semi finals, the same weekend u got THRASHED AND HUMILIATED by japan 7-0 at home! See our progress?

Go worship holy cow, and drink goat piss you stupid indians.

Everybody in this world hates you for a reason. YOU'RE NOTHING BUT A PILE OF DIG SHIT!

I'll come back to this blog on 14th, after beating you.

agirl said...

U cudnt expect us to just to go n play the WOrld cup.. it all starts in the zone.. and gues wot.. we are doing great in this zone..

Be a little more pariotic for Gods sake.. i dnt like futball either, bt i luv wotever is associated to maldives.. and thus, our national football team too!!

and Oppo is sooo cute!! :D

Ximarg said...

thi aalaathun dhen blog thakaa echis hedhaigen gaumu kuri aruvanee dho thi??!! alhe molhiyaamun google/facebook kahala siteh raajjein neribala..

nuvaane nuvaane.. mireyves 20 million meehun ulhey lanka emeehunge fasganduga bali galhaalee..

dhen la la laa!! thi kahala rundinnakee hama samsuddin ge kehun...

Anonymous said...

Iya, whoever u are, now that we are in the final....wot if we win this??

how abt u stop writing nonsense abt our team and our patriotism? :)

it wud b greatly appreciated


Anonymous said...

mee kon lhaa eh thaa maa football engigen mi ulhenee
balaa eh thaa dho mee
aharemen gaiga hinganee dhivehi ley
gaumee team konme vahtharakah kulhunas ahremen support kuraanan

mifaharu mee ahremenge faharu

Iya said...

to all anonymous commentors:: sure, the maldivian team is in the finals. sure, lanka lost on its homeland. so fucking what? football is not tied with patriotism. i hate football. its pointless and it will always be pointless. but i guess thats the situation our country is in now... relying on sport to feel good somehow. i pity you.
oh, and whoever pointed out that lanka has 20 million people and they lost, i didnt see 20 million people on the field. i saw a football team. this isnt an accomplishment. its a fluke.

bandey said...

it is a fluke seeing the goal they made. kinda makes me laugh you all waited to comment after maldives won. wonder what would have happend if we lost? would you have still come here and try to rub your ass in our faces with your comments? grow up. they won coz of a fluke. but hey they won so i guess anythings possible. tommorow youll see pigs in the sky with wings..

The Dark One said...

the truth of the matter is SAFF zone isn't a true test of a football nation, you guys talking about starting with zones you start with the ASIAN cup. Iraq didn't have the funds that Maldivians get but yet they manage to win the ASIAN cup yet with their wore torn nation and our blatant amount of resources put into this football nation. IF Maldives ever want to compete on a national level you have to be in the long term, grass roots first just like France did 10 years ago (France 98) sending kids overseas (yes overseas) to get a proper footballing education and the end product is people with enough International experience to compete on a decent level. Lets face it we get shit loads of money for FIFA for development yet where's the money going to? Saff countries are nothing compared to the other Asian federations. Patriotism, pfft you all are hypocrites..we all would support Maldives if they actually did better against the bigger teams of Asia. Not countries when their main sport is cricket.. .give me a break

oppo said...

iya ya ena ge ratehinaki sodun take..ama fui tha.. football is pointless?? ya ya i know sucking others dick will be better for people like you enjoy...

Ali said...

everyone dont blame this poor guy for this post.dont you understand let me point out
"he hates football".the only thing that this virgin love is to play tt with his two balls.paksss let us all join hands and help him.lets go and support him and his few friends.fgive me a fuckin break you dumb pathetic foOOL..huh

whoever nut head is / he really needs some therapy for depression..seems the biggest looser in maldives

imran said...

tO mr. iya,

yea yea there werent 20 million people there.. evarah vadhevey stadium eh noon kanneygei dho eyee?

bt i saw famous ppl like jayasuriya, and sum politicians there..

i saw the lankan team cry tears wen they lost..

still u say its no accomplishment??!!! fadaboanveenu dho

Anonymous said...

to iya & his army,

i hate basketball as much as u hate football.

bt gues wot..if our national basketball team played against another country in a competition i would be supporting our team till the very end...

i wudnt care even if they lose by a 100 points..

i wudnt go on whinin how bad they are.. and much money they are funded by... u r pathetic, u know

Anonymous said...

dhen ves nege kankama aga naruva...onano genasaa ..plz shut you stinking mouth you dumbo


useful.idiot said...

well granted they finally won. but it took them 17 years after their first silver medal. that, in my opninion is not a good achievement. you play in a final one year and you should be able to do better in the upcoming years. compared to all the hype and how much maldives have "improved" on paper, there isn't much for show. those are my two cents but congrats for finally winning the title.

Anonymous said...

hey there maldivians..mwah!!we won..nomatter sum pple r jelous or nt...n u kno wat MR whoever u r...we love our country..and its the best example anyone in any hell or heaven can c!!and evry1 one wont win right?its the love to country and the hope and prayers we had..m a gal n i still love football..know y??cuz its my country!!

Anonymous said...

well.. i guess we won (like it or not)in the end..good effort maldives.

Anonymous said...

SAFF ge champions akee kon bayeh??? MALDIVES....MALDIVES... MALDIVEs... dhen la la la

ishy said...

dear legacy of pain


Iya said...

ah, at last maldives won! who would have saw that coming? it proves nothing, though. football lovers everywhere can suck my dick because, lets face it, you arent the smartest bunch. well, at least ONE good thing came out of the saff cup. i got a sweet three day weekend.

good that people who claim to eat and sleep football won against some people who went on the pitch and looked for wickets. maybe they'll beat some 15 year olds playing on the street next time. say what you want, but this being the first "international" cup for the maldives, is just pathetic.

Anonymous said...

"i got a sweet three day weekend."
you got this just bcox Maldives won the tournament

mikahala aalaathunnaa hedhi ey gaumah evves islaaheh nais gen mi ulhenee,

"football lovers everywhere can suck my dick"
ahahahha, kaley ge kon dick eh tha onnaanee, thee randu anhen lhaa ekey
den lalala

Iya said...

dude, everyone knows that the extra free day was because of the tournament. sheeeeeesh. its not because of people like me that this country is going to hell. its because of people like you. who focus only on trivial things like football and think that its relevant to the development of this country. its people like you who feed off this country without giving anything back. you are just a self righteous bitch, man. thats all you do. none of your comebacks are remotely... well... unretarded.

dhen la la laa.

Anonymous said...

what the fuck... pathetic retarded ginger-ooze cunt.
dont cry like baby when things didn't turn out the way you want.fucking looser

"who focus only on trivial things like football and think that its relevant to the development of this country. its people like you who feed off this country without giving anything back."

i got degree in software engineering, works in wataniya,guess i hav given this country a lot..wht about you???stay home masturbating ???


inan said...

pakaas pakaas dhivehi ley pakaas dhen la la laa pakaas pakaas patriotism

now THAT's what i call MALDIVIAN!

Anonymous said...

a degree in software engineering? hahha funny and you think you have done a lot for the country .. hilarious; you have no idea what iya has given to his country so dnt talk about you giving maldives a helping hand...

useful.idiot said...

@anonymous with the degree in software engineering: clearly they didn't teach you english when you got your degree huh? or maybe it is a software thing, that you don't need perfect english. anyway, apart from your incompetent english, i would say that you aren't really serving your country by having a degree and serving in a job. you are taking of care of yourself. i believe most of us would like to call it survival. now if you really want to serve your country, how about using that brain of yours and coming up with a software that can let you check your english in O(lgN) time. now that would be real service to the country.

!!nowhere man!! said...

blah blah blah...give it a rest anonymous ppl. it's just the guy's opinion for crying out out! u don't have to read it or believe it. just accept the fact that there are ppl who like football and ppl who don't. and get on with ur life.

exodus said...

y dont u climb a tree hang urself upside down and poo on ur self..it wud be much better than ur childish rants.. sad dat u are trying to be someone ur not over and over again.. but u knw dat ul always be a maldivian

Iya said...

well, i'd rather rant than cver myself in shit, thanks. plus i never said i wasnt a maldivian, just that i hate football and the underachieving maldivian football team.

and the degree holder from wataniya is a dumbass. kinda ironic, nah?

polynomials said...

How did i miss this blogpost?

This Iya guy speaks the truth. We won by chance, by probability. How? Because India won by chance against the well played, well organised Bhutan. Anyone who watched the semi-final between India and Bhutan would agree to this.

By chance India, with their crappy gameplay, got to final. For this reason Maldives won. If Bhutan's coach did not fuck things up in the very last minute, Maldives would have played with Bhutan and that, my idiot friends, would have been one hell of a game with a lesser chance of Maldives winning.

Like this guy stressed, it is fucking probability you dumb fuck shit morons.

The Shadowrunner said...

Maldives won - but what are they doing about it?. Revelling and doing nothing. The enemy will be trying hard next time, and by the looks of things, will we be ready or not?. I dont think so!.

callι ριxєlғcuкєя said...

totally agreed. its just a sport, its okay to support it, but to exaggerate? too much. pity these losers...and i dont think that supporting football is gaumu kurieruvun. lol, wtf is that anyway?

the yawner said...

yaaaawn, booooriiiiinnnng

Ibunubathootha said...

I don't even call Maldives, a country.