Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Womanly rights

You know how women go on about women’s rights? Well, they have it easy, but they still want more, don’t they?

It is socially acceptable for them to assume that they don’t have to pay for food.

Its perfectly okay for them to wear open necked cleavage showing clothes which make them appear semi nude, but the moment a guy checks them out, we are perverts.

Even fat women can wear tight tops. This is a way to admire one’s own body, no matter how ugly she is, her tires are “beautiful in her own way”. Its okay, because its socially acceptable and rude to point out. A fat man is just gross.

Women have it too easy and they still whine on about women’s rights. What the fuck? And if this wasn’t unfair enough, women have the most killer excuse to make it okay for them to do anything.


Don’t give me that look. You know I’m right.

Person: Hey you yelled at me, called me bad things and hit me last night!

Woman: LEAVE ME ALONE!! Can’t you see I’m suffering at the hands of PMS, you jerk?

See, they turn it on the other person. Too easy, and it’s socially acceptable.

Personally, I think PMS is a myth they created to do exactly what they are doing. Because, when you think about it, a woman is ALWAYS in between menstruations, you know. When does it stop?


PS: if this post seemed sexist at all, thats probably because it is. I made it that way. Bite me.


Hilath said...

Hama Jamiyya is gonna come after you!!! kekeke

Well, feminism has the upper hand right now because of the Feminist Movement and men now have become the endangered species.

Maybe it's time we fight for our rights! What should we call it? The 'Masculinist Movement'?

Sheri said...

feminists got it wrong. Women generally have it sweet, and PMS is an often overused excuse. I'll admit that some women have those terrible gut wrenching cramps and associated hormonally driven shitty moods, but not everyone does. Its just like when normal girls go all giggly and bimbotastic just to get attention from men.

Meh@them all

AzMyst said...

What we need is the male equivalent to the mythical PMS thingy. That would be a killer excuse that just can't be denied by any woman. hmmm a kick in the nuts? hmmm... damn.

Anonymous said...

Damn women. I hate them. That is, in a sexual way of course *wink*

Yaamyn said...

How about that annoying time between erections when you're not getting any for weeks on end? damn frustrating for some..

knaschru said...

this should be posted at the front door of "hama jamiyya"

azmyst, ive been searching for something like that for years! let me know if you could come up with one. hehe.

hmmm.. the word verification text image says 'dised' (i know theres an 's' missing bt) could this be a work of you iya?

Iya said...

@hilath:: well, apparently we have been losing points in terms of our voice. let all men unite!

@sheri:: PMS is a myth. abdominal pains and shit are either made up or a coincidence. ... that made sense, right?

@azmyst:: we DO need an equivalent!! hear hear!

@CD:: im sorry, dude, but whats up with your name? compensating online for something?

@yaamyn:: its always frustrating when you dont get some. even when its for days.

@knaschru:: i dont have any power over the word verification thingie.
if i did, it wouldnt be saying 'crikem' right now.

The Shadowrunner said...

Much lulz was had.

DarkCasanova said...

very much true shit post this is...

very much agrees with ya mann

Sheri said...

lol@abdominal pains and shit. I agree that some women get really bad cramps, but they *know* theyre gonna get it, so why not just dose up on pain meds, or stfu?

The Shadowrunner said...

@Sheri: They won't. Believe me, pain and cramps fades into relative obscurity when the "woman" knows they can be used as an excuse to get free food, treat everyone like shitwads and act like the fuckheads that they are.

Sheri said...

Sometimes I wish natural selection would come into play again. Has anyone seen the movie Idiocracy? thats what we're heading towards, ladies and gentlemen

Fali said...

Yesterday i was coming home and a man accosted me, asking me my name and how i was and whether i would smile for him. he wouldnt get away from me whichever direction i walked. I didnt have anywhere to go and I didnt know what to do. I was wearing a long sleeved loose top and pants, and not showing "open necked cleavage" as you said. The passerbys were amused, because of course this is normal, its what men do, its the woman's fault, and besides women like being harassed dont they? No big deal right.

Wrong! i wonder what they know abt walking on the street being constantly at the risk of being harrassed, profanity being spoken to u, of unwanted jabs, men pressing against u at lights and cycles slowing down long enough to say something patronising and racing off. I was born here and i live here, i have the right to walk peacefully and go about my way. thats my right, its every woman;s right and its no joke.
Woman's rights have nothing to do with PMS. Personally I dont even like women who take advantage of being a woman, because it de-legitimises the seriousness of the real issues. Issues like right to safety and security both outside and inside our homes.

DarkCasanova said...

Natural selection eh heheh sounds good to me :D

Iya said...

leave it to a woman to b;ow a humor post out of proportion @ fali.

i agree that women should have the right to not be harassed. i also grew up here, you know. i despise men like that. there are bad apples in every pile.

so what, fali? get over it. there are people going through worse things.

Sheri said...

Fali: If he was trying to touch you in your secret womanly places, I find a quick kick to the groin always works. Unless you were enjoying it of course. Or unless he is a masochist.

bandey said...

you really cant trust anything which bleeds for 5 days and doesn't die..

moyameehaa said...

agreed.they just take advantage of being everything is about them.and it is not discrimination if it is for their advantage.its global.feminazis are really fuckin us up.

and i dont like how it is happening in everythin else in the land of the fish people; its for namesake.just like our university and constitution.all sort of crazy stuff are done while women and chilren are continued to be abused.

they tried to reserve seats for women in the majlis, they talk about all these rights stuff; but the way they think about themselves doesnt change.they choose to be dictated and abused by their bfs/husbands.they get special loans..women entrepreneurship?well what about men?they dont have to get a life?

and here is the other thing i hate about these people..they say they have a right to get education,the government give them loans,pay leaves and they get higher when they finish their studies;degree or masters or whatever it is...they want to get married, have kids and be a stay at home moms!!why are we wasting our money on these useless people?if that is your plan, then why do you study in the first place? just to show off that you are an empowered modern woman?well,you doesnt act like one.not even like a civilized human being.

then there is this thing about things bein 'anhen'.some colors are reserved for them, some words even. wtf! when two guys become close as friends they are gay,but with women...well even if they are having sex..its just embracing their femininity.stuff they do which pisses me off is too many. nice post dude.

oh and one more thing...whats this hama jamiyyaa doin anyway?i dont see anything significant happenning and i havent really heard much of em.

lyna said...

u talk abt shitty moods women have...i wonder wat a perky person you must be after reading ur ever so sweet n loving blog :) nyway u dont get periods so fake pms or not u dont knw wat its like. PERIOD!