Monday, February 09, 2009

A random rambling of the mind of a *something clever*

So its no wonder that men are perverts. Its true, and we all know it. Thus my initial claim that it is not, in fact, a wonder that this is so.

So if you were walking one day and someone came up to you and said “Hey, you giving me attitude?” the best thing to do then would be to respond like this: “no, but I gave your mom some last night.” Or who knows, I might be lying.

When men look at a woman, it takes a total of two seconds to check her out from head to toe, Imagine her naked while having assumed and calculated the nipple color and nether-region volume respectively and imagine boning her. So girls who want their guys not to check out chicks can stop fighting. It’s a lost cause.

Legacy of Kain games are so awesome, that I want to take it up the rear.

I would be gay for Optimus Prime.

Girls expect to be respected as much as men. Which is true. They should be respected. They should be looked in the eye and held equal to men. But its hard to concentrate on anything when they have boobs now isn’t it?

Beauty is skin deep and in the eye of the beholder. If he’s smart, skin deep beauty will be in bed with the beholder.

Crocodiles smile so much because they know they can kill the fuck out of you.

I think that men in the old times with their sarongs would have spent a lot of time sitting… what with the topless young hotties around.

You ever look at an old lady and wonder how she would have looked like when she was young? Have your thoughts gotten carried away?

The best time to be during Ramazan is the local market. Those who know what I’m talking about will know what I’m talking about.

If there’s a life after life, there’s a death after death. Are you sure you want to die multiple times? That’s just sick you morbid fuck!

Half of the people wearing black heavy metal t-shirts don’t know what the fuck they are talking about. Emo bunch of hippies.


JuManji said...

Finaly Updated! nice one dude! Optimus Prime huh? i thoat urs wud be Kain thou..

bandey said...

and jumanji comments? did a meteor actually fall?

Huxam said...

Shallow and bitter, were you born ugly?

ie cco said...

salhi ey....

Anonymous said...

You would be gay Optimus Prime? sheesh

Megatron is way sexier.

Bakhabaru said...

*insert clever comeback and heartfelt praise*

Anonymous said...

those metal heads are lower than us hippies...
i mean us sober people...

Iya said...

@jumanji:: who hasnt been a bitch of kain at one point or the other?

@bandey:: I certainly hope not, man.

@huxam:: on the contrary, my good commenter, I was born beautiful, witty, and fantastically awesome. in one word, perfect.

@iecco:: gaddaa

@canofworms:: sure, but i heard megatron was into the whole prison rape thing. optimus is sensual.

@bakhabaru:: *insert implication that its high time i got my dose of a new bakhabaru news article*

@anonymous:: sure, man... whatever.

[ dhondhooni ] said...

"So girls who want their guys not to check out chicks can stop fighting. It’s a lost cause."
it indeed is a lost cause. i stopped fighting about it long ago. good post btw. me likes. (^^,)

bulhaa said...

"Beauty is skin deep and in the eye of the beholder. If he’s smart, skin deep beauty will be in bed with the beholder."

*wipes tear from eye*

moyameehaa said...

nice is wrong with u.this is a really good read.

and about guys cheking out chicks,i think gals check out other gals faster than we do.yup, body,skin,shape all included...with extra fashion and facial expression and a lot of other stuff...and ocassionally with sexual fantasies too.they are the people of multitaskin after all.

old ladies? time for dat dude.