Sunday, February 28, 2010

What have I been up to?

Some of you may wonder what I have been up to, and some of you may not. Well, me and bandey along with a bunch of friends started Space Parade. A video team and we make videos. But fear not. I shall be continue blogging as well.

This one was the beginning. It was shot in under half an hour. In the scorching sun.
Fun Fact: The ball had no air in it.

This was actually our third shoot, but second release. We were already working on post production of the third video when we shot this.

Fun fact: The guy who played Mirus Lee was actually first penned as a bad guy. But the original Mirus Lee didn't show.

And to answer the most asked question about this video, no, he's not really eating the fucking chilli.

This was the hardest to shoot and to edit. While there may be a lot to improve in this video, this is just a start. This little trailer took us a month to shoot. There were various setbacks and injuries, since we are not real stuntmen or actors, I guess.

Fun fact: The fights look so fake because none of us wanted to ruin our beautiful faces.


Anonymous said...

Just watched Industry trailer - PURE AWESOMENESS.

nynaeve said...

Iyasan:D XD
Youre way better than ...ahem all of the Maldivian Film Industry ppl put together :"D
Bravo and Keep up the wonderfullest work:)