Sunday, March 06, 2011

The Feminal Entities

Feminists. They are some of the finest women in the world. I like them. They are intelligent, open minded, easy to talk to and very civilized. But usually not very attractive. But you know what pisses me off? Feminazis. They are annoying, loud, crass and unreasonable. They tell tales of strong women and weave intricate conspiracies as to how men keep women in low jobs and how men are the enemy of the world. Let me tell you something. If we men never wanted you to, you wouldn't have the liberties you'd have now. so shut the fuck up and leave us the fuck alone. Sure, feminazis are a fucking annoyance, but at least they believe in what they are fighting for. I can respect that. I like a woman with some fight in her. It's cute.

You know what pisses me off to a greater extent? False feminists. Women who pretend to believe in the principles of feminism but are total wankers. Now I know that statement is physically contradicting, but you know what I'm getting at, don't you? I have encountered many faux feminists over the years. I have observed them for quite some time now. But this has gone too far. To the point I'm starting to sympathize with the fucking feminazis. This has to stop. Now.

You know its a sad day when a sexist has to stand up for women. I am conveying this message to all the faux feminists out there.

You know who you are. You speak of empowerment, but you behave like a fucking weakling. You talk of independence but you whine about a lack of a man in your life. You talk of equal jobs for both sexes, but you are fucking incompetent. All of you, listen up. You better start practicing what you preach or shut the fuck up before I introduce you to the back of my hand. That's right. The pimp hand. You know why? Because the world is better off without your bullshit.

That's right. You are a disgrace to women. You are no different than the countless women who act as breeding and feeding machines. You are no different than the millions of faceless women who will leave no significance after their deaths. You are no more relevant than a expired bar of Snickers. We all know you are bullshitting. Why? Because you contradict yourself at every turn. You want to be victimized. You want to be seen as the inferior sex. Stop it. You are setting women back decades. Its disgusting. No, YOU are disgusting. Don't talk about equality if you are just going to play the "I'm a woman" card every time to get out of doing any real work.

If you can't be a feminist, don't pretend to be one. If you don't believe in being an example of a strong woman, don't spin tales of being so. Fuck you. You are the worst kind of person. Even I don't pull shit like that. That's saying something.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not suddenly being a... non-sexist... un-sexist? Whatever. I'm me. I just don't like them faux feminists, is all.


Anonymous said...

usually single fugly women with no life of their own

[ dhondhooni ] said...

agreed. totally agreed. i don't know if am a feminist or not myself. but at least i try real hard not to contradict myself.

so i guess i'm safe from the back of your hand..

Yaamyn said...

Having dealt with false feminists myself, I agree with you.

Nothing hurts the cause of anyone truly interested in empowering women, than those who pull the feminism card at convenience, but won't shut up about their fragile 'feelings'.

Thundho said...

im a faux feminist... just realized what they are... and decided i am one. yipee... im sad and inferior, legacyofpain please protect me will u... *smirk* *mffft* "hahaha"

bandey said...

*applause* from a group of very frustrated dicks...

Rejuvenatedme said...

Faux anything are a pain. But feelings are present in all of us, which ever gender we belong to. But honestly, misogynists and sexists are an equal pain in the arse.

Amber Stone said...

I remember reading this from somewhere else. While I'm at it it's a pretty good article. while feminazi stuff is right I feel that its promoting hatred against women. also why dont u write an article about gender difference of men and women. like if a guy holds hands thats gay if a girl does it its totally normal. I'm a girl and my bestfriend and I had a discussion recntly where she kind of hated LGBT community and also men being in physical contact with each other and even emotion contact (mental too). It pisses me off that people can be so close minded. You can hug whoever u want to. Humans are social animals and we need each others touch and a sense of a group or belonging. But society tells them that its wrong so they are like its wrong we are brainless drones. the only explanation i get from people when I ask them why is men hugging or whatever wrong ->> Cux its gay. Me says" why is it gay?" them " hmmmm dunno but its gay" Live and let live people.
* sorry about the rant =D

Iya said...

@anonymouse:: While I don't like anonymous people, I think we are on the same page.

@dhondhooni:: For now. For now.

@yaamyn:: Amen, brother. They don't need men to fuck things up for them.

@thundho:: its pimp hand time!!

@bandey:: I'm just saying what everyone is thinking.

@Rejuvenatedme:: Well at least I'm honest about myself. I ask the same from others as well. I dont say not to have feelings, after all, passion is a feeling as well.

@Amber Stone:: You won't read this from anywhere else unless someone plagiarized my work. And also, I don't take anyone who says "Cux" seriously.

apachapacha said...

Nice article. Totally agree with you on the faux feminist stuff. They drive me up the wall! And don't even get me started on the femi nazis. What they're doing is just as sexist as what men have been doing for ages, but ofcourse they act all high n' mighty. It's like they want to create a world where men are downtrodden as revenge or something. What they don't get is, they need us as much as anyone else.

Also, keep the pimp hand strong dude. XD

Vippalhey said...

true words are hardly spoken, my friend. * applauding with bandey*

asemah said...

I say, keep this up till the feminists take over and we're the minority. Then we'll see if they bitch when we use the faux masculist card.

@Amber Stone: -_______- Do you actually know a 'straight' dude who wants to hold hands with another guy? Sorry sister, straight men just don't swing that way.

omaigaad said...

its a really good article. but first things first. women are a kafir!!

Ali said...

@omaigaad: O my god! indeed!
I agree abt the faux feminist idea. They are annoying and give women a bad name. But sadly I've met similar men who pretend to like strong independent women, that is- until they meet one.

useful.idiot said...

as usual, enjoyed it and quite true. but DID you have to compare it to an expired snicker? I mean, it's one of the very few chocolates that I can stand..

anyways, all hail Kaiser Feminazi!!

XResistance said...

Faux feminists are like real fur. We'd rather go naked than wear them!

Anonymous said...

i have never understood the 'feminist' ideas that some women promote while they contradict themselves. I believe you should stand up for yourself no matter which gender you belong to. there are victims and then there are "victims"
Women who walk around half naked then blame men for objectifying them.. etc etc. contradictions everywhere.
Women were created weak. not inferior. we cant be like men. there are natural limitations that we cannot cross. But we have been given brains. and we have been given the ability to withstand more emotional and physical pain.
It just saddens me that there are men who are abused by women. men who are victims in their own homes. men who are abused by other men. who will stand up for these men?
Human rights are not gender specific.
What im trying to say is that i see your point. and im glad someone put it into words.
So, thanks :)
On a personal note, do you always swear this much? haha.