Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Boogle Woogle

To say that the state of current Maldives is very sad would be an understatement. That seems to be the latest trend, to pick on our great state. Even I could have said that this place is a godforsaken piece of excrement which endorses the public in a false sense of unity and the high paid politicians are shitting in our mouths. But did I say that? No I did not. Not those exact words, anyway.

But come on! Even you guys have to admit that there are NO other countries in which you can learn to do black magic and voodoo. Fuck yeah. That is the shit. Fucking badass.

Official school logo.

Listen to this. The reason why they have decided to bestow this slice of awesome to our naïve and backwards community is because we really have no idea how to defend ourselves from the cocksucking assholes who are joojoo-ing us behind our backs.

Fuck them! We’ll show them, won’t we? Yeah. It’s not like we have any other threats of being, say, being stabbed in the face by a drug deprived junkie for our wallets. Naaahhh! We’ll just take our black magic mojo training, thank you very much!

Starter kit.

And I am guessing we shall surely get our money’s worth as world renowned joojoobee enchanters and universally recognized black magic necromancer banshee dispellers will come and teach us the ways of the boogle life.

Lecturer: Bad Mojo 101

The next time any fucked up knife wielding lunatic comes towards you with that killing intent, break out your spell book and show him what you are made of. Namely blood and fragile flesh.

That’ll teach them.


AzMyst said...

I hope we get to vote to elect the new Minister of Magic/Sorcery/Boogle/Fanditha/Sihuru. I'd love to see how they campaign. Maldives FTW!

useful.idiot said...

cool! I have always wanted to shrink one of my classmates head. he was a douche. umm... they do teach head shrinking right?

Warm Pixels said...

I'd vote for Rufus Scrimgeour, if he wasn't dead in the war against Lord Voldemort.

Rassam R Bugs said...

nice.. uve got strange but a solution i would say.

Jean said...

I guess there would be a shortage of wands(or starter-kit) and just the so-called political bastards only wud be getting em eh? Better start stocking up on em b4 its too late!