Monday, June 25, 2007

What? Me? Quit?

Fellow readers (if I have any) I have started my usual chain of smoking again. Yes. It was inevitable. I can’t stop. There is no hope. But I’m here to tell you that I have tried. So hard. Last year alone, I must have tried about 17 times to quit. But it turns out I’m not a quitter. Which would be a good quality, if it didn’t have a high probability of lung cancer.

I tried to take my mind off of smoking. Rid myself of every lighter, every pack, every cigar. ANYTHING that reminded me of smoking. I felt good. I hadn’t smoked that day… THEN I went to a coffee. Damn, was that a mistake or what? I mean, how stupid could I BE? Smoke flying left and right. And unfortunately my coffee gang has a very diverse taste in ciggies. Marlboros, Calmels, Mild sevens, even Dunhills, for crying out loud! I lasted a total of six hours on that attempt. I had to buy a new pack and lighter, dig out the dustbin for my collectible lighters and cigars. I know… pathetic.

Then I quit again. Cold turkey. Strong will power. I wasn’t gonna smoke. Ever. Yes sir. No more smoke for me. No taste of tobacco. No more going out for a smoke when I’m stressed out. No more flicking my lighter. No more future Zippo plan. I would NOT. No more smell of tobacco. Sweet tobacco. Smooth tobacco. My true companion… by burning friend… aaaaaaannnnd before I knew it, I was smoking a ciggie. 15 minutes, that attempt lasted.

I am a victim of circumstance. Totally. You really can’t blame me. The most successful attempt lasted eight days. EIGHT DAYS!!! I went eight days before the stress got to me. And the most pathetic attempt was the last time I tried to quit. I tried the whole “decreasing dose” method. Let me tell you people… it doesn’t work. It only makes the craving more intense. The damned hippie who came up with that method can burn in the everlasting fires of hell for all I care. When you start smoking less and TRY to decrease the amount you smoke, the desire to light another one always kicks in. Damn!

I guess some people are meant to quit and some people aren’t. I’m just too stubborn for my own good.


Dragonfly said...

hahaha >.>
uhm. <.<
*rolls around on the floor*

poor you? >.<
keep it up. adhivaane adhivaane.
hivvaru kollaa

*rolls around on the floor summore*

DarkAngeL said...

hehehhe that was funny dhen keehkuranee.. like u said i dont think ur meant to stop smoking...
hehe enjoi :) and tc

XefroX said...

huttaalaa inaam hoadhaaa....hehe.cheeers.

Radvixen said...

try again n again n again .. u can doo it !!!! *thumbs up* goodluck hehe

when did you start smoking?

Shweetoshcope said...

smoke and be happy! :)

finifenmaa said...

at least ur trying!!! :D try with the patch... might work!

vincinity of obscenity said...

Thank you all for all ur comments, guys...

@maa:: u really DO love that floor, dont u?

@darkangel:: me neither.

@xefrox:: that was a hoax and we all know it.

@radvixen:: when i was 12. so its been a while, dhoa. hehehe

@shweetoshcope:: i AM happy, thanx. :D

@ finifenmaa:: i wanted the patch, but i couldnt find it. :(

Nynaeve Al' Meara said...

!!!!! youre killing us all in the process!!!!!
And burning your income too...nice!

Shanu said...

I'm afraid i got no inspirational words or bits of advice..

I say go smoke.. smoke away we all will die eventually.. be it lung cancer or otherwise, its up to u to choose which way you wanna go.. do u wanna suffer and die slowly?

Its not only lung cancer u know, strokes, impotence, heart disease,burgers disease ( kills me every time i see a young hot man come in with their dead gangrenous toe.. )u name it.. its all there.. so choose wisely :) and calculate how many cigarettes causes which disease so u can actually smoke that amount..

Who knows i might get to chop off your dead toe too.. bwahahaha!

vincinity of obscenity said...


@nynaeve:: i wud never kill you... well.. not intentionally, anyways.

@shanu:: y do u want my toe? its MY toe and im not sharing it with anyone.

Shanu said...

You'd rather I was after some other part of yours? hmmm *wheels set in motion*