Sunday, November 18, 2007

Sex before marriage

Come on... we've all thought about it. most of you... well, SOME of you have actually done it. but no one really talks about it because its "taboo". except jerk guys who brag about their "conquestes". let me tell you... most of the time, the people who brag the most... dont get any. Anyways, I am here today to tell you what I think of sex before marriage.

Sex before marriage is like testing out a product before purchase.

yes. I know. It DOES make sense. Think about it. you go to a shop, you see some clothes you like... you TRY IT OUT before you make a purchase. In case of relationships, you wanna know if the other person "fits" into your life.

Another scenario... the famed xbox 360 and PS3 case. you worry and worry and worry about what to commit to. finally buy a PS3. BUT you then realize the 360 is the one for you. come on... you know what I'm talking about. you need to look around the market and test out these products and see which one suits you best.

come on.. nobody WANTS unpleasant surprises AFTER they get married. Sex before marriage can be used to avoid stuff like:

"Honey... have you ALWAYS had three nipples?"
"THATS what it looks like when its erect?"
"When was the last time you shaved?"
"Is that the garbage truck?"

So you see... all of you who wanna "stay virgin" until you get married... think twice. 'coz if something unpleasant happens, you will think back to this post, and my ego will rise just a bit more.


The Dark One said...

lol garbage truck.. classic... completely agree with you.

XefroX said...

yeah very true..specially agree with the purchasin the

jaa said...

Well, judging from what we see and know of what happens in the Maldives, everybody, almost EVERYBODY, makes a test drive before they buy ;)

I-kko said...

well ofcourse can't agree more with u iya...
better test the product before purchase...very very good point indeed :P
totally agree with u ! :D
cool one again!

maanasih said...

My funny bone has been tickled atlast! It's been too looaang ;)

foniboki said...

Sex before marriage has become so common for many reasons. Far too often we focus on the “recreation” aspect of sex without recognizing the “re-creation” aspect.

Sex before marriage is HARAAM, and Islam forbids pre-marital relations. It is one of the BIGGEST SIN you ever can do in your life.

vincinity of obscenity said...

@dark one:: i got more, but i wanted to keep this post short and sweet. of coz my theories make MORE sense wen u HEAR it from me.

@Xefrox:: of course its tru, man!

@jaa:: well, the test round IS the most exciting round, dhoa...

@i-kko:: thank yoooooooooouuuuuuu!!

@maa:: if i made u laugh, my job here is done.

@foniboki:: of course. we all know its haram. but everyone DOES it. i just find humor where people dont. sue me.

Anonymous said...

its a sin. but sex before geting married.. does that mean you go strate to hell in islam?

vincinity of obscenity said...

@anonymous:: yes. it does. but i seriously suggest you either get laid or learn to spell strate away.

nynaeve said...

Iya, LOL, I was feelin so gloomy the whole day and this post just made my day, youre absolutely horrible:P (in a good way i mean)
from my point of view, this topic has just been there in the name when almost everyone does "test" before marriage!!!!

kaleyfake said...

i like to step on the same ground as he is when he posted this n that fact remains true. Test drives r in order to dcide, but i juss thought, wat if i already took the one tested out and in comes a newer model,..hell sure i'd wanna take that baby out fora test drive..;) wat next?! ride em all?! :S kekeke