Monday, December 31, 2007

New Year Post

And thus the New Year befalls upon the folk of Maldives. Festivities, dinners with your loved ones, going out to parties, “discos” and getting some action. This is some ways which you guys will celebrate, isn’t it? Oh, and the resolutions! Lets us not forget the resolutions!!!

Fuck you all. Yes. You heard me. Fuck you.

All the petty little things you do to “celebrate” new years mean nothing. Dinner with your girl/boy friend? Why? Why now? Why not before? Just this ONE day? New year is the most pathetic thing to “celebrate” next to valentines day. And the one next to new years would be birthdays… but those are totally different altogether. This is just an excuse for you people to go wild. Why do you need an excuse? The fact that you need one is pitiful in itself. Hypocrites, that’s what the load of you are. All year long, you refuse to do something crazy. You are itching to… you know you want to, but “what would people think”? that’s the thing that keeps most people from doing it. Oh, and we all know society takes a break on new years. Look around, you donkey dicked pussy bags! Society is still there. People are STILL watching you, judging you. Nothing changes.Grow a fucking pair of balls. Do what you wanna do, WHEN you feel like it. Don’t “save it all” for new year. That’s even worse than wanting to “save your flower till you marry”.

And resolutions? Fuck resolutions. Nobody sticks to resolutions. But all of u stinking butt-licks make fucking resolutions.
“I’m gonna start my own business”
“I’m gonna stop smoking”
“I’m gonna stop being a whore”
“I’m gonna bend over more often”

And the ever popular “I made a resolution to not make resolutions *giggle*”

Fuck you all in the ass with a bent spoon. Sideways.

*** This rant is directed at no one in particular. The author was generally pissed. And since this is a blog and the author has the right to write what the fuck ever he wants on here, he decided to post this load of crap. If anyone takes offence, the author invites them to write a complaint and send it to him so he can shove it up their irrelevant, tapeworm infested asses. ***


The Dark One said...

Valentines day is only for materialistic bitches who want to put face value for stuff they want their boyfriend to do.. it has nothing to do with their so called love for each other.... but totally agree with ya.. New Years Resolution is another word for saying hyprocrite.

I-kko said...

happy new year :P kekeke seriously dude this is the most sensible post ive read from all of these happy new year posts.
i totally luvd every bit of it

shak said...

Lol. its realy intresting
"Fuck you all. Yes. You heard me. Fuck you."

Iya said...

@dark one:: thats valentine day, i got views on that too, u know... hate it. hate birthdays too.

@I-kko:: why, thank you... im glad u "totally luvd every bit of it".

@shak:: dont laugh too much. u might burst a nerve or something. if i had to guess, i wud say u think the word "fuck" is funny. thats nice of u.

Anonymous said...

since the author ey?? hehehehe? since the author ey?? lol

bandey said...

since the author????? wat the fuck r u talking about "guy above me"?

Anonymous said...

"And SINCE this is a blog and the AUTHOR has the right to write what the fuck ever he wants on here..."

i think its time u read more and waste less time announcing pathetic awards. lolx

Anonymous said...

Happy new year to you too!!! :D

Iya said...

@anonymous:: dude ur fucked up... watever...

@bandey:: let him be... he has issues... or odd fetishes...

@anonymous:: that WOULD have stung him, but the fact that ur an anonymous coward makes it soft as a cotton ball.

@shaf:: u too, dearie.

kaleyfake said...

New year ge furathama post dho! points to some what how disturbingly u had started new year but thats juss u...:D nothin new abt that...cheers for another 365 high days!@.@

shweeeeet! said...

hope you feel btter now =D
happy new year ^.^

Frostmourne said...

well well. regeneration.

nynaeve said...

argh..duh happy day:)

resolutions..that word doesnt exist for me but i always love to get out of the house minutes before 12 on the 31st of Dec and come in after sayin wow, after one whole year i've come home:D

n njoy life everyday:D