Sunday, October 04, 2009

Only a Maldivian: part 1

This is hopefully the first in a series of posts to come whenever. Thus the whole 'part 1' thing I got going in the header.

I recently came up across this:

click to enlarge

It's a group on facebook, that I came across. I have circled the stuff I thought was interesting. And i censored the stuff I thought you don't need to know. Like what I was browsing, which was totally not porn. Back to the point... It is, for the love of god, a facebook group which was created against twitter.

Let me break it down for you.

Apparently, the creator of this particular group thought that, and I am quoting here, "tweeting is stupid, lame and a waste of time". Wake up call: this group is on facebook. the single most time wastage facilitating website in recent history. I don't have any problem with this, it's just that this itself seems a bit self contradictory, don't you think?

Notice the witty email address:
Wow. Just wow. This has got to be the epitome of sarcastic wit. The sheer genius of this email address just made George Carlin roll in his grave.

That's it. I just thought this was funny as hell. I wonder what drove the creator of this group to do this...
maybe he/she doesn't realize that facebook and twitter were made to waste time? That is their purpose, you know.

Maybe they'll ponder at these points on the Against Twitter trip they are planning or something.

Like I said, only a Maldivian, dude. Only a Maldivian.

Also, I couldn't be bothered to link it. So you can find it for yourself on facebook if you want.


moyameehaa said...

hhaha. and she asked..."what is the meaning of @??" dats really funny. or maybe she was serious about that question. waiting for part to. there are plenty of stuhpid maldivian fb groups out there.

Myst said...

I recall there was once a Facebook group against frikking Facebook itself!!! This shouldn't surprise me one bit.

I see they even have a logo and everything. Really thought this through, I bet. Pretty witty logo too. Wait, it's pink and blue! Ok, maybe more magenta and cyan but that's still funny.

Anonymous said...

next thing you know they'll make an anti-anti- twitter group O.o

Iya said...

@moyameehaa:: Indeed. There is no lacking in stupidity when it comes to 'professional' facebookers.

@myst:: You can tell they are serious, because they had a fucking road named after them.

@blue:: maybe there already is. who knows?

Anonymous said...

They'd probably dance around a fire on their trip to make twitters burn in eternal fire. :(

Yaamyn said...

I forget who said this first.. but somewhere down the line, somebody will think of an efficient, all in one, mega time-wasting supersite called you-twit-face.

That'll be the day..

Anonymous said...

this is a bit boring......sorry! i liked your other stuff better

Anonymous said...

OMG>> yes, the mail add.. so freaking awesome.. LMAO
People are crazy..

shweetikle said...

what the hell?
twit kuranee kamaku. fb kulhe kulhe inumah vure its haas than majaa and useful. dont they know that we learn a lot of stuff from twitter? its so much better than facebook. way much.
and yes, im a twitterholic ^.^