Sunday, January 31, 2010


I think not. I mean, just look at it. Go ahead. I'll wait.

Looked enough? Isn't it freaky? Don't tell me you haven't made the connection yet.


useful.idiot said...

ROFLMAO.. (wiping away tears from my eyes) no words to explain the awesomeness of the post.

Bakhabaru said...

What about Haabee mean wearing the short hobbit-length trousers? And the Gendalf beards they sport? I tell you, Haabeeism was inspired by one of these guys reading an Arabic translation of Lord of the Rings, no mistake!

PS: The captch text I got here says 'kaffir'. Coincidence? :)

Hilath said...

Oh my, those hands... is that why these veiled women wear gloves? It figures...LOL

Simon said...

Found this little gem somewhere. [link].

idrees said...

I always thought this kaafirs weren't loved as children.. cos i always come across things like "legacy of pain", etc. Well, I'm a haaby by your standards and for the record i have had a happy life both in childhood and in adulthood. I have never had a day i can say i was really sad or really felt strong sense of pain or loss to register a memory as a legacy of pain.

But as for kaafirs God has promised them misery in this life and torment in hearafter.

Gauri said...

My beloved husband Shahrukh Khan once said:

"It's better to rule Hell than be a slave in Heaven."

So, Ibilees, sorry Idress, bring it on!

Iya said...

@useful.idiot:: I know there are no words. Thus the picture.

@bakhabaru:: Nothing in this world is a coincidence, dudes.

@hilath:: Maybe so. but the cool armor is so much better than black gloves, dont you think?

@simon:: PRICELESS link, dude. fucking hell.

@idrees:: I am so glad you came and decided to comment on my blog.

First off, 'Legacy of Pain' is a homage to game 'Legacy of Kain'.

Second, I'd rather be as miserable as me and have a sense of humor than be like you, with a false sense of happiness and dull.

Third, fuck you and you haabees. You assholes are now labelling people to be a kafir for having an opinion and a sense of humor. I hope you and all your 72 virgins get herpes or something.

@gauri:: Satan said that to me once. plus i know shahrukh personally too.

Yaamyn said...


I'm a kaafir by your standards, and for the record, I have had a very peaceful, pleasant upbringing.

And yes, I enjoy every minute of my life ;-)


bluebooze said...

me too. hail to all kaafirs ^^

Thom said...

If you were to take legacy of pain literally, and thus thomangel as well... it would imply i have some angelic associations... an iea which already has iya giggling, im sure... :P
my point is what kind of a massive ass loser takes these things seriously at all???
besides... im sure that behind close doors you haabees have a marvelous life :P

ie cco said...

agree with thom here... lol
what a short n sweet post.
simply hilarious! keke.
nice match btw!

The Shadowrunner said...

They'll be calling us halflings, soon. LOL.