Friday, January 15, 2010

A Conundrum

In a world torn apart by religion, what it one to believe? If one has a question is grounds for sacrilege, what is one to know?

There was a discussion in the office the other day about whether some poll about if Maldives should be a hundred percent Muslim country is blasphemous in itself. One of my co-workers firmly believed that non-muslims were responsible for all evil in the world. I never thought such naivety was in such close proximity to me all this time. So I presented an argument. Along with a hypothetical situation.

Hypothetical situation:

There are two people. Ismail and Gary. Ismail is a Muslim who prays five times a day. Liked by his friends. But Ismail has a child bride and a child sex slave. He also beats his wife and accepts bribes. Because Ismail is a beardie. But by all definition, a “good” Muslim because he prays and speaks in an Islamic fashion and looks at cleavage and ass only secretly.

Gary is an agnostic, or believes another religion. Gary is a fucking saint. He feeds the poor, donates to the needy, participates in community programs, is very charitable and is kind and outspoken among everyone. On top of that, he doesn’t have a child bride, a child sex slave and doesn’t beat his wife.

Yet, as part of being muslim, we have to accept that Ismail, even though a douche of the worst kind, was a muslim and he’d go to heaven eventually. Gary on the other hand, goes to hell, no questions asked.

How the fuck is that fair?

I was called a blasphemer a few times and given judgmental looks. I was told that Islam was the most perfect and peaceful of religions (to which I retorted with examples of violence in the name of Islam) and Islam is a religion in which everyone is equal.

Are you fucking kidding me? That’s when I asked them a question that has been bugging me for a while.


When a man dies and goes to heaven, he everything he desires and 72 virgin women. (Which I always thought was a bit redundant, because virgins don’t know what the fuck they are doing.) So what happens when a woman goes to heaven? Does she get 72 virgin men? Why would anyone want virgin men?

At this point the opposing party butted in with “she gets to spend eternity with her husband!”.

Again, are you fucking kidding me?

What if the husband is in hell? What if she doesn’t love her husband? What if her husband is Ismail? Does she get to be beaten for eternity? What the fuck?

I can’t understand how having a question or two can make me an “infidel”. I never was one for the “because I said so” argument. I don’t know why there aren’t more people asking these questions. I cant understand why these so called ‘sheikhs’ can’t answer these questions. And when they cant, they call the ones questioning ‘blasphemers’ or ‘infidels’.

You people mock Islam. I really do think Islam is a religion of peace. I really do. But Islam has been twisted by people looking to exploit it for their own selfish needs. To feed their hunger for money, violence, and pedophilia. Fuck you all. I hope you all go to hell. Because I’ll be waiting for you there.


The Shadowrunner said...

Excellent questions: and further proof of chinks in the SO-CALLED INVINCIBLE ISLAMIC IDEOLOGY.

shaf said...

Don't worry! I'll write something about it soon. Ask questions. :D And totes agree. *bow*

bluebooze said...

yeah thats one question ive always wanted to ask them idiots, how a person to be happy in heaven if everyone they love went to hell? i once asked this in school to my islam teacher and almost got slapped. didnt get an answer though.

Anonymous said...

What they really mean to say about equality is that all males are equal.

useful.idiot said...

exact thoughts on my mind.. i try saying the same thing n it turns out i am making a mockery of islam. isn't it the same ideology that the church used in killing great minds like galileo. and also, isn't using the idea of 72 beauties waiting in heaven after u kill urself some sort of prostituion? i mean what's the difference. if you fight a religous war, let it be for the religion. just my two cents. now i'll go n hide before someone comes to kill me for blasphemy

Nash said...

amen to that

Nash said...

oh and u asked a question about the 72 virgins thingy. i was a bit confused about it as well.

if u wanna see an answer, well here is something i came across while surfing. hope it helps.

Anonymous said...

hmm 72 female virgins...i'm glad i'm a female. give me a rampant rabbit deluxe over a virgin any day.
Anyway speaking of unanswered questions. we are taught that a fart will break the wuloo or in other words make us unclean, right? but in order to 'purify' ourselves, we have to wash our hands, face and feet... I just can't get over this little fun fact. this just didn't make any sense when i was ten years old, and nobody has given me any answers so far

Iya said...

@shadowrunner:: there are chinks in every logic except mine. true story.

@shaf:: I'm sure all of us would want to hear your thoughts on this. Or do we?

@bluebooze:: Of course you never got the answer! I don't think there is one. Even if there was, different so called 'sheikhs' have different answers.

@canofworms:: Even all men as in bearded hypocrites.

@usefulidiot:: You are already dead. You just dont know it yet.

@nash:: Thank you. I wish I can see something you wrote, but apparently its got a lock on it. sneaky sneaky, arent we?

@anonymous:: I think the washing is a bit of a symbolic one. As long as its not a wet fart and a bit of poo came out. i think.

Thom said...

chink?? shadowrunner? try like screech, halt, eow eow system FAIL FAIL FAIL!!!!!!!
u go iya.. i cudnt have said it better... i wholeheartedly agree... but then im female and such idiocy and naivete are to be witnessed among my kind all over maldives ;)

The Shadowrunner said...

@bluebooze: Hm, I suppose this teacher wants a bit of "persuasion"?

@Thom: A "chink" is slang for a "weakness".

Nash said...

lol oh my blogs not tht interesting besides i hardly update it. no reason to be curious.

btw u cudnt see the link??

Anonymous said...

iya is a secret beardie

Victorya said...

if all the muslims in the world were as open minded as you, indeed islam would be proven as a religion of peace.

Shy said...

Very true which is why i chose not to believe in our interpretation of heaven.Heaven to me is me lying on a hill of yellow daisies with the sun shining down on me. I guess i wana create my own little heaven, that helps me sleep better at night. If that makes any sense.