Monday, April 26, 2010

Womens Breasts

Boobs. Boobs are the most important invention since that other thing they invented. Who cares? Boobs.

As you all know, this boobquake thing is awesome. Who am I kidding? Its not only awesome, it may be the single most awesome idea yet this century. Even the PS3 comes after boobs. That’s how important boobs are to us. By us I mean all men. And women. Just humanity in general.


Men will go to any lengths to see, feel, smell or even be near boobs. Why, when John Logie Baird invented the television, it was because he had a vision that many, many men and many, many women will be watching boobs on it someday. Neil Armstrong went to the moon, because he knew that upon returning to earth, he will have a mighty fine catalogue of boobs to choose from.

You know what? Just look at these.

Salma Hayek Cleavage from Hollywood.

Ryan Reynolds hits that. Yeah. Fuck you, Reynolds.

Political cleavage courtesy of Sarah Palin. Dumb chicks have the best boobs.

God crafted boobs with care. These, however were expertly crafted with silicone.

If that didn't make my case, then i shall see you in hell, because you are not right in the head. Also, fuck the Iranian clergy for even thinking that these beautiful things could cause earthquakes. Violent fights, car crashes, infidelity or murder, maybe. But most certainly no earthquakes!!


useful.idiot said...

amen to boobs. it's the greatest gift to man after the invention of the hand. This post was funny. I was begining to miss that.

Yaamyn said...

Boobs > Fareed

simply insane said...

BOOBS! 'nuff said

XResistance said...

Sorry man boobs are just a bit blah for us. Now pecs on the other hand, we like pecs. And biceps. Cant beat biceps. Not to mention buns! We love the buns!!!

Ahmed Shahiq said...

Welcome back dude.... I thought you lost form ....

knaschru said...

i for one, am a boob person. a freak at that. there, i said it!

zingmenot said...

Dear Iya.
the fact that its an awesome blog is that you write it.

also the evil brain of yours sometimes do bring outstanding and bizarre ideas which would make ppl like us laugh and stare at em ( expl: sheyhu )

so i hope the next post would be more and more of the same evil ideas from the brain of IYA.

god bless you

Azhoora said...

I agree. Boobs are important to the human kind!!

anonymous said...

right you are babe! love the post X] finally a dud who doesnt feel ashamed to talk about boobs explicit!

Anonymous said...

Same girl?