Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Lately I have been getting… opinions. Opinions about me, my attitude, my personality, my speech pattern, my choice of underwear… boxers. You name it. People just LOVE to voice their opinions about me. Its great that people do want to let their feelings be known to the world. I encourage it. But hearing the same shit over and over again makes me bored. I will try my best to explain the wonder that is me. Below are some of the questions and comments that are directed at me and my usual response.

Why are you so mean all the time?
I’m not mean all the time. You just suck so much I get pissed off at the very sight of you. That’s why to YOU I seem like I’m mean all the time.

Are you always like this? Bitter and MEAN?
Not always. Now fuck off.

What if when you grow old you are a bitter old man who nobody likes?
Good. There’ll be more space for me. Anyways, why the fuck do YOU care so much?

I don’t like the way you are always negative. Why is that?
Its not that I want to be negative, but you are such a hippie, I have to keep balance.

Everybody hates you.
thats nice to know

I hate you.
… and your point is…?

You scare me.
I’m not changing your diapers if you shit yourself, now…

I want to help you and change you.
**laughter until the person leaves or cries**

People talk about how mean you are behind your back!
**here I encourage the messenger that he/she tell these people to tell it to my face**

Do you derive some sick twisted pleasure out of putting people down?
No. its just that the way you come and squeal like this every time I do, makes me sadistically satisfied. So thank YOU for making my day brighter.

You always think you are right.
Who doesn’t?

Who gave you the right to be a jerk?
I earned it.

You never think about other people’s feelings.
If I didn’t, I would be listening to you drone on about what is none of your business in the first place.

So these are some of the FEW stuff that are thrown at me nowadays. You can imagine my torment. The people I live with… sheeeesh. So if you have a question other than whats been answered, give me a holla.


Shy said...

So a lil inspired by me??WTF these are like all the questions i ask u everytime huh! hehe but its all gud use me empathy as ur amusement


well i think ppl just dont understant the MANLINESS of u. ke kekek. oh btw shy's coment says that she is the one who asks dat dumb questions. is she dat dumb???

vincinity of obscenity said...

she is, my friend... that she is... no offence, shy.

Anonymous said...

wow...a self proud son of a bitch huh !!!!

maybe u think u get too much attention ???

i'd say just FUCK OFF ASSHOLE !

perky said...

me n you in same situation..i get so pissed off wen sumone asks me somany qyuestions abt things..grr i just like to stab him/her wenever i get annoyed

vincinity of obscenity said...

Big person u r, "anonymous". u see, im not too big on cowards like u. so unless ur gonna say it to my face, u r gonna fuck off with whatever u got between your legs and ur gonna like it.

Waylander said...

I salute your attitude! :D
Btw: Nice blog!

vincinity of obscenity said...

thanx to perky and waylander! see? im nice when i wanna be nice...

thuized said...

I wonder how u'd sound if u ver actually mad at someone. I mean these were all conversation when u ver normal..right?

maail said...

i like your slogan...uhh wats under that heading of ures thingie...ppl bitch and bitch and bitch on their blogs most of the time...like u say...jus deal with it...and yea...nice attitude :P

Shy said...

I just care about u iya thats y im so concerned:) and zingmenot who the hell do u think ur are fatso:P

tinkerrrbell said...

i like your answers =) .. for sum must be hard tolerate u..hehe

vincinity of obscenity said...

not at all, tink.. not at all.

Nynaeve Al' Meara said...

impressive...no one's the same dho...

kaidha said...

i wonder wat those ppl whom u have been mean would do wen u are feeling down
u sure gonna love it wen thy say g take a HIKE

vincinity of obscenity said...

well, i wudnt know coz im never down... even if i am, i deal with it instead of whining to other ppl abt it.