Wednesday, July 30, 2008

50 things i hate about ... you?

As a part of an experiment, I decided to list some things I hate, just off the top of my head. So I wrote some down. and i kept on writing.  Before I knew it, … well, read on below.

1.       The color pink

2.       Elton John and other gay icons

3.       Religious fanatics

4.       Narrow minded people trying come off as open minded

5.       Social constraints

6.       Ponies

7.       People who like ponies

8.       Hindi songs in general

9.       Britney Spears and other blonde skanks

10.   The ocean

11.   Football

12.   People thinking speeding on wave bikes is cool

13.   People who think wave bikes are cool

14.   Co workers

15.   Doctors

16.   Receptionists

17.   People who think playing five chords on guitar makes them Steve Vai

18.   Rich people

19.   Drama queens

20.   Guys with loud shirts

21.   Goldfish

22.   Macintosh fanboys

23.   Old people

24.   Manipulative women

25.   Butterfaces who think they are Angelina Jolie

26.   Maldivian actors and actresses

27.   Maldivian music ‘industry’

28.   Bitch fit throwing bitches

29.   Flickr

30.   People on Flickr

31.   Teenage lovey dovey blogs

32.   TVM

33.   People who pretend to like coffee

34.   Political ass fucked blogs

35.   The parliament

36.   Loud kids or kids in general

37.   Expensive shops

38.   Anonymous cowards

39.   Self righteous fucktards

40.   Government office procedures

41.   Dhiraagu

42.   Star trek

43.   Star wars

44.   ‘pop’ music

45.   Rap, R&B, hip hop especially Snoop Dogg

46.   People who pretend to like artsy stuff just to act superior

47.   Artsy stuff

48.   People who pretend they write poems

49.   Gangster wannabes

50.   The presidential motorcade

I realized that I hit the 50 mark and this list could have gone on and on. So I stopped. Good thing I did. This was just off the top of my head. I don’t wanna dig any deeper.


The Shadowrunner said...

Dealing with problems.

1. The color pink
A) Spraypaint.

2. Elton John and other gay icons.
A) Bring Your Own BoomBox

3. Religious fanatics.
A) Scissors (Slice beard/burugaa)

4. Narrow minded people trying come off as open minded
A) Laugh at them.

5. Social constraints

6. Ponies
A) Spraypaint.

7. People who like ponies
A) Did I mention spraypaint?.

8. Hindi songs in general.
A) Blast brown noise at them.

9. Britney Spears and other blonde skanks.
A) Give them herpes.

10.The ocean
A) Puke in it.

A) Kick player in the nuts.

12.People thinking speeding on wave bikes is cool.
A) Speed up to them and jam a steel pipe into the wheel.

13.People who think wave bikes are cool.
A) There's always the rusty bicycle.

A) Chloroform is your friend.

A) Troll them. Great fun.

A) Get a replica weapon. Much lulz ensues.

17.People who think playing five chords on guitar makes them Steve Vai.
A) Laugh at them.

18.Rich people
A) I did mention spraypaint, did I?.

19.Drama queens
A) Rotten eggs love Drama Queens.

20.Guys with loud shirts
A) Pull skirt down and RUN!.

A) Eat them.

22.Macintosh fanboys
A) Give them a case of Leap.A (aka Oompa-Loompa)

23.Old people
A) Laugh at them.

24.Manipulative women
A) God created rape for this reason. :D

25.Butterfaces who think they are Angelina Jolie

26.Maldivian actors and actresses
A) We love our punching bags.

27.Maldivian music ‘industry’
A) Blast brown noise.

28.Bitch fit throwing bitches
A) Hit pie in face.

A) Upload the Pain Series.

30.People on Flickr
A) See above.

31.Teenage lovey dovey blogs
A) Eat their jewgold.

A) Borrow a GPS Scrambler from the Taliban.

33. People who pretend to like coffee
A) Splash coffee on them for great justice.

34.Political ass fucked blogs
A) Use Logic skill to mock them.

35.The parliament
A) Stop them in time. They wont notice.

36.Loud kids or kids in general
A) Summon Pedobear.

37.Expensive shops

38.Anonymous cowards
A) Laugh.

39.Self righteous fucktards
A) Mock.

40.Government office procedures
A) Set them up the bomb.

A) Use "The Final Solution".

42.Star trek
A) Tell the fans its impossible - humans are just too stupid.

43.Star wars

44.‘pop’ music
A) "pop" it.

45. Rap, R&B, hip hop especially Snoop Dogg
A) Laugh / use Brown Noise.

46. People who pretend to like artsy stuff just to act superior
A) Photoshop is your friend.

47. Artsy stuff
A) Did I mention photoshop?.

48. People who pretend they write poems
A) Counterpoetry.

49.Gangster wannabes
A) Laugh at them.

50. The presidential motorcade
A) They have RPG-29's(YEAH) for a very specific reason.

Buccaneer said...

Teenage lovey dovey blogs

haha, those blogs are so lame. "HIM! HIM! HIM! HIM!"

callι ριxєlғcuкєя said...

what do u mean by Bitch fit throwing bitches and guys with loud shirts?

so u think huge cycles are cool?

Iya said...

@shadowrunner:: i wasnt really looking for "solutions" man. but thanx anyway... good effort.

@buccaneer:: not always him. sometimes its her too.

@calli pixelfcuker:: i mean what i said. if u dot get it, its not my problem. and yes, i thing huge bikes are cool. those are the only bikes worthy of being called bikes.

The Shadowrunner said...

Always happy to help. :D

Hey, you looked like you needed some help when you posted that - hope you had a good laugh at most of them.

Shanu said...

my my..u sure have a lot of hatred inside you.. now lets do a list of things u love and top that fifty..

huxain said...

hey fucker,do u thnk tight tshirts are cool? i bet u do. cuz ive never seen u without somethin tite on urself. ure one ugly mothrfuker who wants to party wit fly chicks. lol. ur ugly and u want hot chiks. daim dont be dat selfish. giv the girlz the same. ur damn pathetic

aesha said...

u actually had time to do this O.O

callι ριxєlғcuкєя said...

i know that u meant what u meant. would u care to explain? please?

The Shadowrunner said...

@Shanu: I'm a racist. ^^ I hate curry niggers.

@anonymous: Hey, I have something to tell you!. FUCK OFF!. :)

Thom said...

Ahaaaaaaaaaaa! I'm inspired to blog. I'm stealing ur idea. This is the kind of nonsense I can find time to do :P
Awww.. I like artsy stuff :(
U hate me too??
But I agree witcha on the bikes. You cannot call a wave a bike. It is a CRIME. What it is is a friggin scooter.
Ciao.. I'm listing :P ! Btw... seriously.. give me inspiration. I have nothing to blog about.

knaschru said...

shadowrunner: tht ws better thn iya's!! lmao!

Iya said...

@shadowrunner:: well, i wasnt looking for help, but thanx anyway, i guess. plus, i hate curry niggers too. but they are amusing at the same time.

@shanu:: i dont think i love 50 things...

@huxain:: its one thing to stalk someone, but its another to stalk the wrong person. you're fucked up, man.

@aesha:: just took 10 minutes of my time. dont tell me you dont get 10 minutes to yourself.

@calli pixelfcuker:: i dont care to explain. live with it.

@thom:: i get to be your muse? AWE-fucking-SOME!!! i dont hate you. you're more of an ... annoyance :p

@knaschru:: glad you enjoyed something, man. by the looks of it, you need a ... ... "herbal relaxant".

lol said...

where is FACEBOOK??? and Hithun gadda ppl

Shanu said...

ahh.. horrible..

shadowrunner: racism..ahh if u practice and u know that u do.. what more can i say

The Shadowrunner said...

@shanu: I am racist - and I admit it freely. I hate curry niggers and I want them shipped in little boxes out of here so we can finally get good employment.

@Iya: Hey dude. YOU made me list the 50 things I hate in my life. :P

Persephone said...

You hate your co-workers? Aww how immensely adorable!

Shanu said...

so now you hate me??!!!

andhu said...

is there any thing you like , love...
soo much of hate... is not good for your soul. breath

JumAnji said...

Dude! u forgot DRAGON BALLZ!!! Thoat that wudv atleast made top 50???

The Shadowrunner said...


Anonymous said...

so u said that u dont like narrow-minded people who try to pass off as open-minded people.
after reading the rest of the list, dare i say that u have defined urself as that?