Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Disgustoid Fever

Okay, so it’s been established by everyone that there are some sick fucks out there. But how sick are they? I recently found it a good way to pass 10 minutes every few days checking out who comes to my blog and how. I was surprised to see the result. The sheer amount of sick fucks who get redirected to my little blog.

Let it be known that most sick fucks who find their way here are … you guessed it… Americans.

People search on google a lot, isn’t it? I normally search for games, movies, the occasional comic, mostly. And no, I don’t search for porn. I know where to find it. ;)

Here are some of the google searches that led to my blog that I find notable.

The most common google query I found is “virginity pain” which directs the searcher to my post about virginity. My guess is that they are girls… hopefully. Searching to find an answer to rumors that it hurts the first time. Too bad they wont find anything helpful here.

There is this guy in the United Kingdom who thought one day, “hey, I’m a sick fuck and I’m gonna search google to find something disgusting!” so he went on to google, and typed in “females with penises” and he looked and stumbled into my penis size theory.

One of the more funny queries came from India. We all know how fucked up that place is… people worshipping cows and shit, or vice versa. This guy/gal wanted to look for “penis cut virginity lost”. What the fuck? I don’t know what he/she was looking for, but it couldn’t have been anything good. Once again, this person found my penis size theory.

The next nominee for overall sick fucked-ness comes from Hungary. Someone wanted to see a “mom fucking anal very painful”. It’s sick. I know. I think it’s a guy obsessed with his mom or something. Creepy. Luckily, my blog doesn’t contain stuff NEARLY as disgusting as that. He just found this.

Last but not least, the Americans. I’ll just put the most recent retard searches here.

One guy in Arizona wanted to find a “girl crying out in butt pain”. Seriously, dude? What the fuck were you thinking? Too bad you found my office post instead, huh?

Another guy in California wanted to know “how do I get my gf to moan when im in her pants”. That’s his search query. Word for word. Look no further friend. Iya will help you out. Plain and simple, you can try to not suck AT it, and try sucking ON something. Also, don’t be a dweeb. (Maldivians: dweeb is a white term for fucktard) He ended up here.

There you have it. Some of the fucked up sick bastards who are out there and how those sick fucked up ass maggots end up here. You are looking at a web page that countless disgustoids have looked upon. However… as I wrote this, I realized… for all these fucked up people to end up here, this place must really be filled with fucked up shit.


Bakhabaru said...

I really want to say "That's nothing, you should see the sick fucks who are directed to Bakhabaru from Google," but that would be lying and as you know we would never make up such a tall tale as that.

The most hits we get are from Google searches for "Maldivian girls naked" and "Maldives porn". Guess which articles they ended up on. Strangely, most of the searches are from India and Pakistan with only around 10% from Maldives, and the rest of the world.

The Dark One said...

yea some sick fucks out there... yea we blog all kinds of shit.. but still so much perverts... and most of them directed to this blog..muhahaha

shaari said...

it's a sick fucking world afterall. hilarious post!

not quite anonymous said...

after all? as if we were in doubt

iekko said...

hahahaha i can't stop laughing over here...!! those queries are so fukin hilarious! hahhaa and dude, btw, i don't find this blog as "fucking shit" its rather fucking hilarious!

The Shadowrunner said...

*stands up*

*stars clapping*


The Shadowrunner said...

Also, I'm a sick fuck. XD